COVID-19 is Undeclared Bio Warfare

A bioengineered man made virus designed to affect mankind was accidentally or intentionally released by Wuhan Institute of Virology in the wet market of the city in November 2019. The pandemic’s intention was to cause havoc around the world leading to world wide collapse of medical system’s & panic across the world to serve the global domination plans of Chinese premier Xi Jingping. While the city of Wuhan & adjoining 15 cities inhabiting 50 million people were placed under lockdown, thereby restricting the domestic traffic internally from end of January 2020, international foreign travel was allowed until the end of March 2020. The intention is clearly visible that China kept WHO in the dark about the severity of the spread of virus through human transmission until March 11th 2020. The failure of WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to declare Wuhan Chinese Virus as  ‘public health emergency of international concern’, or PHEIC a week earlier has also raised eyebrows of its autonomy being compromised. Infact WHO ignored early warning signs from Taiwan on December 31st 2019, regarding deaths of patients from mysterious pneumonia in the Chinese city of Wuhan. The colossal failure of WHO to seek data from China after warning signals received from Taiwan and deliberately declaring Wuhan Chinese Virus as global pandemic two months later are enough reason to view the role of global health organization with suspicion. WHO overlooked Chinese responsibility to inform the world regarding the Wuhan Chinese virus despite being signatory to the Biological Weapon convention. The communist nation has blocked access to supervision of its lab to WHO experts as well. 

Role of Deep State in Connivance with CCP to Unseat POTUS Donald Trump

The undeclared Biowarfare leashed on the world by China could not be carried out without the tacit support of  “Deep State”,  who have been at loggerheads with former President of United States Donald Trump. Infact Anthony Fauci, American physician-scientist and immunologist declared in early 2017 that the Trump Administration would face a surprise disease outbreak during the end of his tenure. Microsoft founder Bill Gates stated in December 2019, that 2020 would be the best year for vaccines. It’s more shocking to note that Anthony Fauci as head of National Institutes of Health (NIH) was funding research at Wuhan lab to study lethal pathogens which included experimenting with coronaviruses.The gain-of-function research  continued even beyond 2014 by Fauci, violating on the federal government order to pause on the funding. In light of the above facts it is safe to assume that the Wuhan COVID virus was released deliberately and in well planned coordinated manner to ensure the defeat of incumbent President of United States Donald Trump who has known China hawk and kept the dragon on tenterhooks through his unpredicted nature. Infact new revelations point out that US General Mark Milley called on his Chinese counterpart that he would notify in advance, if there was an imminent attack on China by the United States. 

Global Isolation of China through formation of military alliances and economic pacts

China’s aim of dominating the world started with the One Belt One Road Initiative coupled with its debt trap diplomacy. As on date China has lent around $1.5 Trillion to developing nations under OBOR program.The global domination of China was nullified by the alliance of democracies across the globe with the formation of Quadrilateral security dialogue among the member countries of the United States, Australia, Japan & India. The Chinese PLA received a bloody nose  for losing 45 soldiers at Galwan in June 2020, when they tried to alter the status quo at the border in June 2020. The trilateral military alliance ‘AUKUS’ which aims to arm Australia with Nuclear submarines to protect its borders from Chinese expansionism was a surprise development for Communist Party of China. A series of alliances to break the Chinese dominance in global trade has been formed by Australia, Japan & India, by laying the foundation for the ‘Supply Chain Resilience Initiative’ to hold investment promotion events to explore the possibility of diversification of their supply chains. The application of China to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) has been put on hold by member countries of the block. The prospect of China being delinked from global multilateral pacts and formation of alliances to counter China has caused ripples in China.

BEIJING Winter Olympics 2022 & Chinese Financial Contagion 

With Beijing set to host 2022 Winter Olympics in February 2022, the discovery of new variants of Wuhan Chinese Virus has come down dramatically and global immunization program has drastically reduced the transmissibility rate of the disease among humans. The Chinese capital will be the first city to host both the Summer and Winter editions of the games. And with the promise to provide “Simple & Safe” 2022 Games the authorities have gone extra mile to ensure that the event is not overshadowed by the fears of the Wuhan Virus which has been experimented, developed in its own research centres. The gala event has been marred with international protest from Tibetian, Uighur, Hongkong activist across the globe calling for boycott of the “GENOCIDE GAMES” to protest against the authoritarian regime of Xi Jingping. The problem of Communist Party of China has compounded after its second largest realty conglomerate Evergrande group defaulting on bond payments. Many Chinese realty companies are reportedly out of cash now and they include Sinic Holdings, China Properties Group, Fantasia. The debt bubble has spread across sectors and the prospect of financial contagion staring that threaten to disrupt the recovery in global economy. The Chinese real estate sector accounts for $5 Trillion and with the debt to GDP ratio of more than 300% the defaults are bound to happen in the days to come. The world is already witnessing supply side constraints due to energy crisis in China. 

Sabotage & planting of lethal virus prior to 2024 Indian Lok Sabha Elections 

The failure of WHO and reports of secret pact between India’s arch enemies, Wuhan Institute of Virology and Pakistan based Defense Science and Technology Organization (DESTO) to collaborate in research of biological transmissible diseases and use the knowhow as offensive biological weapon is not ruled out in future. The Indian parliamentary elections are scheduled to take place in the summer of 2024 and the possibility of another pathogen being released at the end of 2023 is not being ruled out. The popularly called Delta variant was found in India in April 2021, on the eve of Bengal elections which led to defeat of BJP. And add to India woes Bharat Biotech’s Covid-19 vaccine Covaxin has not been recognised by WHO for emergency use listing. The Indian company has sought the approval six months back and the WHO is seeking more data to delay the approval. Surprisingly the Chinese Vaccines Sinovac & Sinopharm have been granted approval overlooking all the efficacy & safety standards. As on date around 118 million shots of Covaxin has been administered in 9 countries across the globe. The world has more answers for all the possible questions raised above, with the likelihood to sabotage the reelection of Narendra Modi Government in 2024 to install Chinese compliant leadership in Bharat not ruled out.  

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