The AAP is ideologically aligned to “Gandhi+Maino+Vadra” philosophy. This is evident form the below facts:

  1. AAP is  opposed to 1991 economic reforms. Same is the case with the First dynasty.
  2. AAP is anti-corporate. Same is the case with First dynasty.
  3. AAP believes in high taxation on the corporates + middle class i.e. the classes which work and produce wealth. Same is the case with First dynasty.
  4. AAP believes in giving freebies to people so that people become lazy, stop working hard and become parasites on the classes which generate wealth. Same is the case with the First dynasty.
  5. AAP believes in weak judiciary so that there is no check and balance on Govt’s work. Same is the case with First dynasty.

Will the First dynasty attempt to make AAP victorious in Gujarat at the cost of Congress just like in Punjab or New Delhi?

Quite possible. Why?

  1. The First dynasty has weakened due to regular onslaught from BJP. Hence, they want to create another party who is ideologically close to them.
  2. Most of the Regional satraps dislike the First dynasty. The First dynasty therefore is using AAP as a weapon to keep them in line. Look at Punjab.
  3. The First dynasty has worked for Communist (Chinese + Russian) interests at the cost of Indian interests. AAP being ideologically close to left would toe the same line as the First dynasty.

Hence, it is quite possible that the First dynasty may transfer Congress’s minority votes to AAP in Gujarat (just like Delhi) with the hope of defeating BJP and Modi.

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