The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and BJP’s fire brand leader, Yogi Adityanath who is famous for calling spade a spade, resoundingly slammed the unconstitutional communal move of Congress’ Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh announcing the decision to make Punjab’s only Muslim-majority town Malerkotla as an administrative District on the occasion of Eid yesterday.

Notably, the Congress had promised the formation of a Muslim-majority district Malerkotla in its election manifesto in 2017, which was fulfilled on the day of Eid yesterday, 14 th May.

It is appalling that Congress is unmindful of the fact that India is a Secular country, where administration or governance is not be done on the basis of religion, caste or creed. This move by the Congress echoes the same policy adopted by Nehru to allow a separate Constitution for Jammu and Kashmir and give special privileges to J&K by introducing Article 370 and 35 A in the Constitution to pander to the majority Islamist Muslims of Kashmir. This sowed the seeds of separatism, secession, Islamic bigotry and jihadi terror leading to complete genocide of Hindus in Kashmir.

Malerkotla’s anointment as a separate District to fulfil the demands of people on the basis of religion is a very dangerous step and would stoke the fires of separatism on the basis of religion. Amarinder Singh and Congress is playing with fire in a State which is already seeing revival of Khalistani terrorism under the garb of “farmers’ protests”.

Funnily, Amarinder Sigh said in his statement of announcing the formation of Malerkotla district on Eid as a gift for Muslims of Malerkotla, he said that communal forces (read BJP) has to be defeated in the country as they have been in West Bengal (assembly elections).

It is surprising that the blatantly communal policy of Congress and Amarinder Singh to carve out new districts on the basis of religion is not vehemently criticised by political leaders, media and civil society in general.

The notion that pandering to brazen Islamism as a ‘secular’ policy and political correctness needs to be challenged politically, legally and socially if India has to remain a truly secular country with religious tolerance. The game plan of Congress and other anti-Hindu political parties seems to be to demographically overwhelm the Hindus, so that they can wrest back power from PM Modi and BJP on the basis of captive Muslim votes.

This decision of Congress government to create administrative districts purely on the basis of religion should be challenged in the Supreme Court to be patently illegal, unconstitutional and ultra vires the Constitution. This revives the Two Nation theory of Jinnah which was the basis of partition of India.

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