You are most probably a born kaffir and are thus destined to an eternity of burning in hell. Of course one can be born a woman and increase her many fold of ending in Jahnnam – Hell. But there are other ways to be a kaffir.

One of the greatest ‘ulama’ in India, Ahmad Rida Khan Barilawi, founder of the Barelwi sect writes in his book of fatwas, the Fatawal-Haramain –

  1. If one refuses to use his slaves cruelly or shows kindness to a kaffir
  2. If one refuses the tafasir (translations) of the book by theulema (clergy) .
  3. If one refuses to undertake Jihad to spread his din
  4. If one calls himself a muslim or ‘ahl al-qibla’ utter kalimat ash-shahada and perform salat(prayers/namz) towards the qibla does not show or prove one to be a muslim.
  5. None of the ‘ulama’ and books of itiqad and fiqh has permitted alteration of the indispensable, apparent and open religious teachings.
  6. One who does not believe in one of the things indispensable in islam becomes a kafir.
  7. One who has suspicion of such a person’s not being a kafir and in that he will not be punished in hell eternally is a kafir, too.
  8. That the latter, too, is a kafir is openly written in the books Bazaziyya, Durr al-mukhtar, Qadi Iyad’s Shifa, Imam an-Nawawi’s Rawda and Ibn Hajar al-Makki’s Al-alam.
  9. It has been unanimously declared by the ‘ulama’ of Islam that it also makes one kafir to have doubt that it is infidelity (kufr) if somebody does not regard a christian, a jew, a hindu or a dissenter as a kafir.
  10. If someone believes in the superiority of ‘Ali over Abu Bakr and ‘Umar (radi-Allahu’anhum), he is of ‘ahl al-bidat’ as it is written in Hulasa, Hindiyya and many other invaluable books. Such a man is a Kafir.
  11. One absolutely becomes a kafir if he says that allahu ta’ala is a creature, or that the present qur’an al-karim is deficient and contains alterations of as-Sahabatal-kiram and of later times.
  12. Anyone who claims ‘Ali (radi-Allahu ‘anh) or one of the Twelve Imams is superior to prophets. It is written in Hindiyya, Zahiriyya,Al-Hadiqat an-nadiyya and in fiqh books that he will be treated as a murtad.
  13. If one worships Ali (radi-Allahu anh) or says, ‘Jabrail (angel Gabriel) was ordered to reveal the Qur’an to Ali, but he mistook and revealed it to Muhammad,’ or ‘Abu Bakr was not a sahabi,’ or Hazrat A’isha (youngest wife of the supreme leader) committed adultery,’ he becomes a kafir.

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