Four days back, the Times of India published a piece of news telling upper caste people raped a Dalit girl in Uttar Pradesh. However, they kept mum on another case that happened nearly at the same time, where a love Jihadi Mullah has raped and killed a Hindu girl. I have immediately tweeted, asking TOI for their response on whether they will report the love Jihad rape case as well. But, as per their agenda of vilifying the upper caste and dividing Hindus, yesterday, they came up with front-page news on the Dalit rape case and nothing on the love jihad rape and murder case.

Another news came from Rajasthan, where a Muslim killed a Hindu Dalit girl after raping her. Again, the so-called mainstream media kept mum in this case also. Why, because the rapist was a Muslim Jihadi who gets blessings from Allah raping the Kafir or non-Muslim women and girls. Yesterday, the case of the Dalit girl from UP, allegedly raped by upper-caste people, has been picked by congress leader Priyanka Gandhi and the whole media went berserk, vilifying the UP government while keeping mum on Jihadi rape cases happened at the same time. 

This is the sad reality of rape cases reporting of today’s mainstream Indian media. However, we get regular updates from social media on love Jihad rapes and videos of Muslim preachers instigating mullah jihadists to lure Hindu girls for love and then convert and rape them. All this makes us think about how to tackle the Jihadi media narratives and effectively report the Jihadi rapes, riots, and murder cases. The following are the lessons we should learn from the ongoing selective reporting of the mainstream media of India.

  1. The roots of Jihadists are so deep that they can create social media riot-like outrages within minutes in any part of the country. Therefore, governments must have better mechanisms to expose them before the situation gets out of hands.
  2. This Jihadi network involves even the top Mullah celebrities, including Non-Mullah ones, whom they call Kafirs
  3. The mainstream media of India hides Jihadi rapes and does selective reporting at times for the sake of fake secularism and Islamic agendas.
  4. Indian Jihadists can fool even the sane personalities of the society.
  5. Even a liberal Muslim hates BJP, Modi, and a Hindu, and works against whenever gets a chance to do so
  6. Right-wing liberal people of the society have near to zero voice being heard when Jihadists start their hullabaloo of fake narratives.
  7. Kerala and West Bengal are ready to become the next Jihadi States of the country. Even Hindus of these states are now the prey of Jihadi ideology and want to take on Hinduism.
  8. There is no say of right-wing thinkers in the mainstream and print media. Therefore, we strongly need right-wing print media, newspapers, and magazines as well.
  9. Keep close vigilance of your children if they fall prey to Jihadi narratives or antisocial activities such as rape.
  10. Call out any fake narrative vilifying Hindus by anyone on social media or mainstream media. 
  11. Educate your children that Muslims are also divided into castes and sects titled as Shia, Sunni, Deobandi, Ahmadi, Barelvi, Bohra, Maskeens, and many more
  12. Actively ask the caste and sect of any Mullah you encounter, giving Gyan on social media about Hinduism and castes.
  13. Rape is rape; there should not be selective outrage by politicians, citizens, and media persons.
  14. Because of selective reporting, the mainstream media is losing its credibility. Therefore, they must work on restoring the credibility of their reporting.

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