If we compare the behavior between cancer and communists, we can derive a lot of similarities. Let me list 5 of them.

  1. Both are meant to kill: In the modern world cancer has become an epidemic killing many people. Scientists are struggling hard to find a proper cure but are not successful. Same with communism. Communism has killed 94 million people – several times more than the combined number of people killed in holocaust, Armenian genocide and other genocides.
  2. Both are undisciplined: What is cancer? When some cells don’t follow the set rules for division, death and grow uncontrolled manner, it results to Tumor and becomes cancer. Similarly, the communists don’t follow set discipline and make attempts to grow in uncontrolled and undisciplined manner.
  3. Both grow by corrupt means: The cancer cells fool the body’s immune system to ensure the body’s immune system doesn’t act against them. Similarly, the communists come to power by influencing the law enforcing agencies not to act against them.
  4. Both are corrupt, hungry for resources and grab resources by force: The cancer cells are hungry for resources and want to spread themselves throughout the body by hook or crook. Similarly, the communists after coming to power do massive loot and use every corrupt means to fill their coffers. Coincidentally, corruption is extremely high in all communist countries.
  5. Both are feared, hated and will finally vanish: Cancer is feared and hated. Human race for sure will one day find an effective solution for Cancer. Similarly, Communist ideology will die out after more and more people realize the true face of communists and communism.

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