6th December was the day, Mahadev inside every true Sanatani opened its third eye and turned Islamism into ashes. This was the day, Islamism was crushed under the feet of Pro Civilizational voices. The day, proselytizing religion had to taste the sword of Dharma.

On 6th of December, Babri Masjid which is installed by Jihadi Babur after the destruction of Ram Janmbhoomi which is the place of birth of Prabhu Shree Ram was crumbled through the committed and determined efforts of Sanatani warriors. Babri structure was a symbol of brute power of how the native culture was suppressed, how the widely revered Lord Ram was shown his place by the invaders, and how a new sociopolitical order was imposed on the society through beheading of gurus and demolition of temples. Left historians tried their best to make sure that Ram Janmbhoomi remained far away for becoming reality and therefore made many attempts.

On 6th of December, Ayodhya witnessed a massive surge of crowds where each of them carried anger against the adharmis and devotion towards Prabhu Shree Ram. No amount of security forces protecting Babri masjid was able to protect the Jihadi structure. Hindus climbed above the Babri masjid by breaking the shackles of being an apologetic Hindu and climbed the jihadi structure by becoming a proud Sanatani Yodha. With every brick of Babri masjid crushed, was crushed the ego of Abrahamic religion who always tried to vanish the oldest civilization through force.

6th of December is Shaurya Diwas in true sense. It marks the shaurya of Sanatani Yodhas who broke the shakes of adharma and went into the direction of dharma. This incident changed the entire discourse of the nation and gave the oldest civilization a new breath. It’s the day to feel proud of your Hindu roots who resisted the two Abrahamic attack and stands tall. Naman to every Sanatani because of whom the new generation will witness the Janmbhoomi of Prabhu Shree Ram and will witness how courageous their ancestors used to be.

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