One of the most favourite destinations for educating the young kids in India has been the Christian educational institutions. The reasons for this may vary from place to place but the chief factor behind such a preference has been English as the language of instruction in these institutions. This importance given to English language grew continuously during the period of British colonisation of India and has become an obsession after their departure in 1947. The colonised minds of the Indian Elite found it suitable to continue this colonial obsession owing to the obvious advantages that accrued from such an arrangement; for the dominance of the power structure left by British was much easier for the brown sahibs owing to deep rooted infection of all the major institutions of India with the British mindset.

On the other hand after the departure of British from India the Christian Missionaries found their replacement in the Neo-elite of the Indian society. As a result the existing education system has been used in a subtle manner in general and in an aggressive manner in Christian Educational institution to carry forward their agenda of proselytization by using implicit and explicit techniques. Whether they are missionary schools in rural areas, convent schools in urban areas or reputed universities and colleges all across India; under the garb of providing quality education to Indian young minds the missionary agenda of converting or brainwashing the kids to convert later in life is continuing unabashedly.

An anecdote shared by one of my professor in university is telling in this regard. She told me how during her school days in a convent institution in the name of discipline Christian values were imposed on students despite their religious/dharmic background. While wearing symbols of Hindu faith like bindi, payal and kangan were frown upon at and even drew punishment, her classmates who were Christians or were accepting the faith, as the result of brainwash, were treated differently. One case was mentioned by her in particular where one of her friends was indoctrinated to such an extent that she was fearful of God literally everywhere as she believed that the God is watching her. According to that professor there were several such cases where innocent students were scarred for life owing to the forceful propaganda and continuous brainwash.

The timeline of the above mentioned incident is around 50 years ago but the manner and intensity of such brainwash has only increased over the time. While their prime targets are the most downtrodden of the society due to their financial penury, the long term agenda is to trap all the section of the society in order to ‘save their souls’. The hierarchy and the territory of the Christian Educational Institution in this regard are quite very much well demarcated.

The missionary schools primarily target the Dalit and Tribal communities all around India. Economic inducements are given to lure the gullible parents to send their kids to these institutions. The economic hardship of the parents is a boon for these institutions which are all working in one way or the other as the harvesters of souls. The poor families send their kids to these institutions in the hope that their kids will come back as educated citizens and will help the family to come out of the vicious circle of poverty. But in most of the cases the kids are systematically brainwashed to hate their own faith and customs and ultimately they become the tools of Missionary schools to propagate the Christian faith in the families and communities from where they come.

On the other hand the Convent School System preys upon the middle class families to full fill their quota of soul harvesting.  As it has been already discussed, the slavish mentality of the educated Indians towards English language and the western education system gives the Convent Schools an aura of legitimacy and authenticity. The outward proclamation by most of these schools is of imparting excellence and discipline in the students. But in reality, through a sophisticated system, monotheism is glorified and the indigenous faiths are derided and ridiculed using every trick possible for the purpose. From punishment for putting mehndi to expelling students midterm from the schools for sporting a shikha the convent schools do whatever they can to make the schools going kids feel ashamed of their faith and hate it ultimately.

And then there are the higher education institutions like St. Stephen College in Delhi University. An institute which boasts of alumni like Shashi Tharoor, Barkha Dutt, Khushwant Singh, Kapil Sibal and the likes is a deeply Christian religious institution in essence. The way it considers itself superior and different than the other colleges of Delhi University and the recent controversies during the tenure of Valson Thampu, makes this institute a curious case to ponder about. How come that most of the so called “Liberals” were once upon a time the alumni of this institution and they are invariably the ones to jump on their guns whenever anything which furthers the cause of India’s Dharmic roots is introduced. Is it a mere coincidence or is it a conspiracy? A question worth finding answer to.

While there are many other higher education institutions in India which are working on the same lines, St. Stephen is a perfect case for a proper study to understand the nexus of India’s Elite with the Conversion Machinery. Most of the people who are alumni of such institutions end up being the crème de la crème of India’s power structure. These are people with a deep sense of revulsion for all the things Indic and are always trying to prove their bastardized British roots in order to prove their mettle for governing this country. The famous case of a much infamous politician, who keeps on throwing jargons after jargons on the social media platforms in order to get the much scarce attention his party can afford him to get, is a perfect example of such mindset.

The conclusions are not difficult to draw; the rot is spread everywhere and the intensity is increasing day by day. While the lowermost rung in the hierarchy is being used to become the cannon fodder of the Maoists and Urban Naxals the middle level is busy abusing all the things Indic in order to appear ubercool and progressive. The placard gang, the outrage mafia, the self-loathing youth of today is somewhere down the line a product of the education that they receive in the Christian Institutions or in places where the whole curriculum is based on the Abrahamic framework. Finally the power structure of Bharat is in the grip of those who come out of these institutions which are against the Dharmic roots of Bharat and are hell bent to destroy it brick by brick in every manner possible.

In this regard there is an urgent need to revamp the Article 30 of the Indian Constitution which is intended to protect the rights of minority educational institutions. But in fact it has been used to construct an obscure and opaque system by the minority institutions to cover their devious designs. The New Education Policy has taken some major steps in this direction by reinforcing the idea of instructions of kids in their mother tongue. Along with that the Indic systems of education need to be built and promoted in order to counterbalance the continuous aggression of the Abrahamic systems of thought. Bharat needs its education system to be made dharmic for rooting out the aggressors and realise its dream to reclaim its position as Vishwa Guru.

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