Author : Samidha

We are experiencing an unprecedented rise in Hindu phobia as well as Hindumisia globally and in all walks of life. Unfortunately, the war of narratives has turned into blatant ethno-religious hatred that has started spilling into everyday lives in most inhuman ways. This warrants some serious thinking. The time to just mind our own business is over. Constant simultaneous attacks and accusations cannot be ignored anymore. It is time for the accused to confront the accuser.

Many Hindu phobic lies are systematically being made mainstream in the name of academic freedom and intellectual inquiry. Academic freedom should inspire fact-based research. The topic under consideration is studied from various angles and then presented with all those different points of view for further discussion, analysis, and conclusions. Any academic study, research paper, or other work coming out of academic institutions should be open for factual evaluation. It should be verifiable with data and science. Institutions, especially those funded with public money, should encourage diversity of thoughts as well. Rules should not change from religion to religion or race to race. They should not be manipulated per the socio-political and financial conveniences of a select few. Academic freedom should not rob anyone of their identity. It should always be practised with equal respect for the sentiments of the community being engaged with. Unfortunately, the current trend of single-sided narratives is very detrimental to the future of our society. Quite frequently, academic institutions seem to focus only on a negative analysis of concepts that don’t fit their preconceived ideas. Take for example interpretations about Hinduism and its sacred texts. Unlike other religions, Hinduism is still being taught under an unquestioned colonial lens. You will be surprised that it is largely taught by academics who are outside the religion. Fortunately, many scholars are practising Hindus who can offer a sincere insider perspective. Yet somehow, they are never made part of these discussions.

We all value accountability, but where is the accountability for these academic institutions and their members? Many times, departments focus only on one country in a particular region and paint a very misleading, very negative image without acknowledging the potential consequences. These institutions shield hate campaigns in the name of academic freedom and intellectual curiosity. They are clueless about how to handle a community’s safety and other concerns in such matters. This is very irresponsible on their part. Academia should bring clarity, not create confusion about academic freedom and academic dishonesty to cover up their own shortcomings. Academic dishonesty has serious consequences for its subjects, especially when “victims” are “chosen”, rather than determined based on clear evidence. It is horrific to deny real victims the dignity to express their suffering and heal. If academia can show maturity and understanding towards Abrahamic religions despite violence and sex scandals, they owe the same to Hinduism. It is high time academia leaves theatrics and starts taking integrity seriously.

About the Author:

Samidha is an expressive writer who loves to craft real-time narratives. She is a proud Sanatani and passionate about Sanatan Hindu Dharma and Culture. Through her writing, she aims to contribute towards the fight against the existential, civilizational crisis. Samidha loves connecting with like minded people from all walks of life.

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