We all want things the way we want them. We want control of our lives & our surroundings. Life is not so perfect. Stuff happens that we can’t control. When it does we often get nervous, frustrated, angry, anxious, devastated and even start blaming our fate.

When I experienced a major health issue and things went upside down all of a sudden made me realize that I am not the driver of my life but for sure, I can be the one to take in charge of my safety as well as enjoy the ride. What I also learnt was – ‘Life is unpredictable. Not everything is in our control. But as long as you are with the right people, who give their purest blessings and efforts…..you can handle anything and fight any situation.’

Life does not always go as we plan or else it would have been a different place altogether. It gives us surprises when we least expect it…sometimes positive & sometimes nasty! But then that is why it’s life!

What would be the fun of doing a goal without a goalkeeper? Though it seems to be the biggest obstacle but he is the reason the game is or else where’s the fun, joy or excitement. I believe life is a test match. You do not need to hit every ball which comes your way, sometimes you’ve to please the bowler by giving a maiden over. Just ensure that when you are prepared to hit, hit it hard….very hard.

Resistance sometimes makes us fall, get hurt, give deep injuries…We may think of changing the field, the goalpost, the goalkeeper or for that matter the game itself. But the golden rule of the game remain the same – resistance.

But then sometimes the game becomes easy. The goal comes easily, the goalkeeper looks stupid but then we should not get carried away & let our guards down. Enjoy the easy ones and love the tough ones. This is the only way in my opinion to live a life.

At the end of the game aka life you may or may not get a golden boot but then not everyone is a Maradona or a Pele but they also are a part of the bigger team. They know they are nothing without their teams, it’s just that those were little more blessed than others!

Life will keep showing you adventures. It’s up to you, either you accept it or reject the chance of learning the life lesson. I was blessed enough to be surrounded by my family, friends and other well-wishers who not only gave their sanctified blessings but also did tremendous efforts just to ensure my wellness and happiness. Truly some souls are Godsend and we are lucky to be surrounded with them.

Once you are done crying every time you go through any sorrow or pain in your life, have good look at the tissues you wiped your tears with. They are soaked in what we call – ‘The Past’. It means you’ve already made it! Now you come out “Stronger” – physically, mentally & emotionally. Yes, you may have to fight again but with a stronger version of yours.

No matter how much someone says, we would keep on planning because it’s a humanly nature to do so and there’s nothing wrong with that. But make sure that when things don’t go according to your plan remember there’s someone who has a MASTER PLAN which will surely be better than yours.

So in conclusion, “Let things unfold in its own beautiful way.” Years gone by, when you’ll look back, you’ll be glad that you didn’t gave up. Things won’t make sense at the time they happen.  At that time, we should just go with the flow. And when look back, the dots of your life will get connected itself and everything would make sense. “EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON” – will make sense. You will see that all the missing or the broken pieces of your life puzzle would come together themselves. You’ll be at peace. Time is the biggest healer. Believe in yourself!

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