Islamists are causing terror in Jharkhand, while the government is watching helplessly. In Jharkhand, the dominance of members of one particular community has grown recently to the point where its effects are felt practically everywhere, including in schools. For the Hindu families residing in the state, the recent occurrence in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, has the potential to be quite troublesome.

In the Barkagaon police station area of Hazaribagh, two to three Hindu families who reside in Sirma village have experienced harassment from Muslims. According to the report, a Hindu girl from this village was forced to hold her ear by the Muslims. A Hindu girl from this area is allegedly being forced to hold her ear by Muslims. In addition, they are under pressure to convert to Islam. A villager named Kiran Devi claims that on the night of August 10, Wasim, Mukhiya Ishrat Jahan’s son, and more than ten other individuals forced their way into her home during the night and abducted her daughters. In the drenched panchayat outside, Kiran Devi claims that both of her little daughters were mistreated and subjected to insults.

They were slapped and forced to hold their ears and made to do sit-ups. According to Dainik Jagran, the victim Kiran Devi says that the next day when she went to the Panchayat Samiti with a complaint about the incident, 15-20 people surrounded her, including Muslim women. All of them started pressurizing Kiran Devi to convert to Islam. They threatened her that if she wants to live in this village then she has to become a Muslim, otherwise will be facing dire consequences.

Meanwhile, the police instead filed a case against the victim’s family. The victim’s family was charged with promoting religious hatred by the police, who then opened an investigation. According to the victim, the police are attempting to protect the accused. Sanatan Hindu Samaj Sangathan, however, began a fast to obtain justice for the Hindu family.

According to the organization, the police have filed a case against the victim rather than providing them with justice. The group has urged that the prosecution against the family is dropped and that it be given protection. There are just two or three Hindu families in Sirma hamlet, which has a 95% Muslim population. 

Notably, Sirma village is Muslim majority and only two or three Hindu families live there. At the same time, in the family which is being harassed by Muslims, there are two minor girls, a younger brother, and their widowed mother. The head of the family has already died. According to the report, the names of 5 unidentified people include Mohammad Wasim, Shajibullah, Mohammad Nazim, Mohammad Taqib, and Mohammad Asif, who are sons of Mukhiya Ishrat Jahan are accused. The police have arrested Mohammad Nadeem and Mohammad Saqib.

Let us inform you that in many areas in Jharkhand, the number of Muslims has increased rapidly in recent times. With the increase in population, the demography of those areas has also changed. In areas where the population of Muslims has increased, they are pressurizing to implement the rules of Islam. In recent times, in many schools in many districts of Jharkhand like Garhwa, Lohardaga, Palamu, Gumla, and Ranchi, there have been incidences of changing the rules for offering holidays and prayers on Friday.

But in the midst of all this, it is unfortunate that from the government to the administration, everyone is only a mute spectator of the terror instilled by the Islamists.

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