DY Chandrachud, who will probably take over as India’s Chief Justice in November of this year, has had enough of the criticism of Indian judges. After reading the news piece having the headline “India’s top court is delaying hearing anti-Christian violence plea,” which was released on 19th of July in several outlets, Justice Chandrachud lost his calm. Justice Chandrachud was reminded of the news report on Thursday when an advocate requested the court to urgently listen to the matter. He mentioned the news articles and denounced the practise of criticising the Judges personally.



Justice Chandrachud said ” I was down with Covid, so the matter could not be taken up. But I recently read a news article saying the Supreme court is delaying the hearing in the matter. Give us a break! One of the judges was down with covid, that’s why we couldn’t hear it. There’s a limit to how much you can target judges”.



The honourable judge continued by speculating about the source of such news and in order to avoid another news story claiming that the Supreme Court was delaying the listing, he agreed to an urgent listing of the petition. Justice Chandrachud is not the only Supreme Court justice who has raised this subject. N.V. Ramana, the Chief Justice of India, claimed last week that the media is undermining democracy and making it difficult for the judiciary to do its job. He expressed his worry about the “concerted campaigns” against judges in the media and also on social media.



The Evangelical Fellowship of India and the Archbishop of Bangalore Diocese filed this case with the Supreme Court regarding purported attacks on Christians in India, continuing the 2015 propaganda effort that claimed “Christians are in danger in India.”The petitioner in the case, Machado, has a very colourful past and has been accused of corruption numerous times

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