The sanctimonious words of Indian Judges describing the strongest pillar of democracy seems vacant if a common innocent man has to suffer his entire life because of the inefficiency of this pillar. A case has recently came into limelight which revolves around a man named Munna Singh. Munna Singh is a 56 year old man who is a resident of Buxar, Bihar. No one reading the article must ignore his age because his current age will crumble down the strongest pillar in one stroke.

In 1979 when Munna Singh was merely 13 years of age and used to study in 8th standard, he was booked under several sections, including an attempt to murder. And now he is 56 years of age. The age between the two timelines is 43 years and this is the number of age the judiciary of India snatched away from this innocent man.

The court took a total of 33 years to declare him a minor. In 1979 he was booked and after 33 years judicairy in 2012 came up with a conclusion that Munna Singh was a minor back then. Also the judicairy was not done with its procedure yet. It took another 10 more years from 2012 to 2022 to acquit him in the case. Now the man is 56 years of age, he lost 43 years of his life because of the strongest pillar of democracy. A K Pandey, the juvenile justice board assistant prosecuting officer in Buxar on the case said “The juvenile board examined the case thoroughly. As there was no witness against Munna Singh, he was acquitted of the charges,”.

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