By Facing the heat at border by Indian military, indigent China is now trying tooth and nail to win the battles on twitter. The mouthpiece of China, Global Times can digged and new low. The utter lack of social ethics and values could be directly felt from the tweet of Chinese mouthpiece.

The Chinese mouthpiece, The Global Times came up to tweet on Twitter and targeted Indian government for the accident which took place where 11bravehearts along with CDS Bipin Rawat and his wife had to give their life. The Global Times shared an article and wrote “The death of India’s defense chief in a chopper crash on Wed. not only exposed the Indian military’s lack of discipline and combat preparedness, but also dealt a heavy blow to the country’s military modernization: Chinese experts”.

No better could be expected from the Chinese Government and its mouthpiece. The sad part is no so called liberal came out to speak against that weight of the Chinese mouthpiece “The Global Times”.

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