In the meeting of the working committee of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, the government was warned that the consequences of tampering with the religious and place of worship law could be dire. It was also said on behalf of the organization that it is unfortunate that the administration discriminates among the protesters on the basis of religion. Jamiat President Maulana Arshad Madani said that this is not a good sign for the peace, unity and solidarity of the country, playing with the constitution by the rulers can disturb the democratic structure of the country.

Considering the current situation in the country, the Working Committee expressed its strong condemnation on the increasing communalism, extremism, pathetic state of peace and open discrimination against the Muslim minority in the country. In two important resolutions passed unanimously in the meeting, it was said that suspension of those who have insulted the glory of the Prophet is not enough. Such people should be immediately arrested and given such severe punishment according to the law which is a lesson for others.

The second resolution states that any attempt to amend the 1991 law relating to religious places could have very disastrous consequences. Instead of amending or changing it, this law should be implemented firmly. It was said on behalf of the organization that it is clearly written in Section 4 of the Act that it is hereby declared that the religious status of all the religious places existing on 15th August 1947 will remain the same as it was at that time.

It was said on behalf of Madani that section 4(2) states that if any suit, appeal or any proceeding relating to the change of religious status of any place of religion existing on 15th August, 1947 has already been filed before any court, tribunal or authority. is pending, it will be cancelled. No suit, appeal or other action in such a case will be presented before any court, tribunal or authority after this, that is why Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind has also become an interventionist in the petitions filed against this law in the Supreme Court.

Our Prophet was deliberately insulted: Madani

Maulana Madani said that our prophet was deliberately insulted. When Muslims demonstrated demanding the arrest of the offenders, bullets and sticks were thrown at them. Bulldozers were fired at the homes of many people. There have been massive arrests. Cases have been registered against them under serious sections. That is, the work which was of the courts is now being done by the governments. It seems that now there is no need of courts nor judges in the country. He said that demonstration is the democratic right of every Indian citizen but the present rulers have two parameters to see the demonstration.

Madani said that if the Muslim minority protest then it is an unforgivable crime, but if the majority of the people protest and take violent action by taking to the streets and burning the entire train trains and stations, then there is not even a mild lathi charge to disperse them. . He said that discrimination on the basis of religion between those protesting and protesting the administration is sad.

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