Recently, Amazon Prime and jihadi Farhan Akhtar have run a memes campaign for thier Mirzapur web-series to identify the father of a Hindu family’s newborn baby. Yes, it wasn’t easy to identify the newborn baby’s father for so many Hindu and so-called Brahmin customers of This was because the mother in their Mirzapur web series story had sexual relations with so many people. They portrayed that the lady of the Hindu family had sex even with her father in law.

And you know all their Hindu customers were rejoicing all this shameful propaganda run by and Jihadi Farhan Akhtar in the name of entertainment. But, ultimately, they are trying to defame the Hindus and family values of Indian culture. This concept of ladies having multiple sexual relationships is basically a Christoislamic phenomenon, which is now jihadi and Farhan Akhtar trying to portray as if followed in native Indian and Hindu culture as well.

They are trying to peddle this abusive propaganda through content is the king strategy that Indian family values and Hindus are corrupt beyond the imagination. Hindu Brahmins are criminals. Ladies at thier homes are characterless. They have multiple sexual relationships. They are shameless to the point that it is difficult to identify even the father of their newborns. 

And guess what they are charging their Indian Hindu customers for all this. Amazon is charging them thousands of rupees for this kind of content subscription, where they are demeaning and abusing the family values of Hindus itself. And surprisingly,’s innocent customer base in India is rejoicing this shameful, abusive, and vilifying content, when this must be a matter of absolute provocations.

Hindus must understand Jihadi Amazon’s detrimental intentions and unsubscribe immediately from the Amazon Prime. All the Hindus must unite and boycott all such OTT platforms, running abusive propaganda content against Hindus, similar to the Mirzapur web series. India’s customer base of and the general public must also tweet to home and information and broadcasting minister to immediately ban all such OTT platforms. Hindus must switch to the alternate e-commerce shopping platforms such as Flipkart, Jio and others, who do not abuse them and thier values.

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