On the eve of US presidential election, it’s disconcerting to note that western liberal politicians have shown a distinct lack of ability and political willingness to recognise the root cause of Islamic terrorism. They don’t seem to either understand the nature of extremist Islam or they understand it but are unwilling to acknowledge it publicly for astute political calculations.

Vienna reminds us all of 26/11 Mumbai attacks. It’s no different to what was unleashed on the unsuspecting Mumbaikars 12 years ago. It also emanates from the same radical belief: “A believer is entitled to take Kafir’s life.” This belief gives the terrorist a moral authority from God himself to kill non-believers. They believe they are above man-made laws when they follow Allah’s command in their deluded, deranged interpretation of Islam.

This religious belief translated literally from holy texts is what the western liberals like Biden and Obama don’t understand or don’t want to acknowledge for the fear of being branded an ‘Islamophobe.’ They try to reason it out from the prism of western ideology. For instance – wife of former UK prime minister Tony Blair once foolishly uttered, ‘young Palestinian boys mustn’t have much to live for if they want to kill themselves in such a brutal way’, referring to the young age of a suicide bomber. What she or others like her fail to understand is that it’s not lack of worldly means but the call of divine forces up above that drives those radicals.

Muslims settled in western cities are relatively educated as they are mostly economic migrants seeking brighter future for themselves. These immigrants are unsure of their identity. Assimilation with western societies isn’t an easy process. These societies, European ones in particular, are old societies that are closed in nature. Class mobility in Europe is very poor. Just as an example: As of December 2019, of the fifty-five UK Prime Ministers to date, twenty-eight were educated at elite Oxford University, and fourteen at Cambridge. Student from working class families rarely get into these schools. You are not accepted as one of their own the day you arrive. You have to strive to be accepted. I have spent 20 years in the west and I still don’t feel completely at home. This leads to “ghettoisation” of immigrant communities. It’s true for all communities including Muslims. However, what makes the situation precarious and dangerous for the Muslim immigrants is that once they move into these ghettos they are subjected to group shaming by conservative members of the community. They are shamed if they don’t show up for Friday prayers at the mosque or if their daughter is seen to be not covering her head or if they are seen eating in shops that’re not exclusively halal. The ghetto becomes a breeding ground for hard core Islamisation. This phenomenon becomes even more dangerous when mixed with the fact that most of the Mullahs in western mosques are shipped in from Islamic countries with medieval practices. They don’t even speak local languages. This leads to a toxic, anti-western, anti-kafir environment in these mosques and in Muslilm societies in these ghettos. An immigrant who could have become a progressive citizen of the country of their residence, ends up being radicalised.

Liberal politicians like Biden pander to these ghettos for votes. They look the other way when so called ‘right wing’ politicians raise radicalisation in these areas as a concern. Politicians who voice their concern publicly are cast as ‘bigot’ and brushed aside from the mainstream discourse. Police officers are discouraged from patrolling these ghettos. No civic body musters up courage to go into these mosques to try and see for themselves what’s preached there. These areas are left to fester as a breeding ground for radical Islam right under the noses of liberal, secular law makers.

America is the leader of the western world. What leaders like Obama or Biden do, sets the tone for the rest of western democracies. Had they shown spine in dealing with radical Islam when it raised its ugly head, Austria and France won’t be bleeding today. Did Obama/Biden presidency seriously seek justice for 26/11? Did they put enough pressure on terror states like Pakistan to hand over the culprits? Whatever happened to David Hadley, an American citizen involved in the dastardly attacks on Mumbai?

When Obama bowed before Iran and offered them Nuclear Bomb on a platter – he also legitimised Hezbollah, Houthis in Yemen, and other Iran’s proxy militias in the region. Biden has always had a cosy relationship with state sponsor of terrorism that is Pakistan. He has consistently failed to criticise Pakistan for any acts of terrorism emanating from its soil. He is probably the only politician in America who is awarded ‘Hilal-e-Pakistan’ by the Pakistani deep state for his tacit help. It’s scary what terrorist and army in Pakistan will be emboldened to do if Biden assumes high chair in the Oval office January next year. It gives the terrorists and their masters an impression, perhaps rightly so, that liberal politicians are not tough on terrorism. This is why, I blame western liberal politicians like Obama and Biden for Vienna and Nice.

Western countries need to unite resolutely behind France and Austria taking countries like India and Israel with them rather than the monkey balancing that they currently are involved in. Name and shame Islamic terrorism; clean up mosques; unseat uneducated, hard-line mullahs; ban face coverings to empower Muslim women; and most importantly remove hate texts from religious books that keeps radicalising next generation of immigrants. It’s a tough, long fight but not one that you can afford to procrastinate on if you don’t want more blood on your streets….

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