Broken people are those who succumb to external pressure  and give up their invaluable heritage and truth. On the other hand, those who persevere, despite deprivation and destitution, are Unbroken.

The broken people do not tolerate the Unbroken, because the latter’s existence constantly challenges the choice of convenience made by the former.

An-al-haq. Thousand years ago in Arabia, Mansur-al-Hallaj declared- An-al-haq, which means ‘I am truth’. He was hung to death for that. All those who vocalized such realized statements in the West were invariably silenced by each of the three abrahamic religions, for example, Jesus of Nazareth, Joan of Arc and Mansur-al-Hallaj.

Ayam atma brahma. In Bharat, on the other hand, it is stated in Vedas, explained by Sri Krishna in Bhagavad Gita, and experienced by millions. Adi Shankaracharya proclaimed it ascending Sharada peeth of Kashmir- Aham Brahmasmi– I Am Truth; and, So Are You (Tat tvam asi).

Nature’s Garland. Adi Shankaracharya had a debate with Mandanamishra in which victor was decided on the basis of whose flower garland remained fresh. The moderator and judge of that debate was a lady- Ubhaya Bharati, affirming the respectful position of women in that society that considered Devi Sharada as the repository of wisdom. A culture that sustains the Nature’s garland of diverse living beings, ideologies and thoughts, and keeps it fresh, and respects Sharada Devi; that culture of Bharat is of Kashmir of Rishi Kashyap. Unbroken are the people who retain it.

Education. This movie is about a son of Sharada who was broken by his University Professor to become a carrier for the agenda of foreign invasive ideology, but later realized truth and returned Unbroken. Many in this country brought up under western education system may have similar experience. The current education system, originally made by colonialist british to produce clerks, still carries its character.

Return of the Native. The most popular text of this land, Ramayana is authored by a person who once was a broken man, later he realized his truth to become Maharshi Valmiki. Bharat is the land of possibilities for being Unbroken.

The Whole. Life is an interplay of purusha and prakriti. Male and female are integral components of it, like day and night are of Time. So, indic deities are worshipped along with Shakthi, such as MahaVishnu- MahaLakshmi, Mahadev-Maheshwari. Cleaving of the integral divinity to demand sole worship of male alone skews the mind of certain people to view the female as inferior or a consumable. For a millennium such people tried to destroy Kashmir- a daughter of Himavan. They wanted Kashmir ‘Bata ros ta batanev san’, which means ‘with kashmiri hindu women, without their men-folk‘. They cut Kashmir bhumi into two and did a seventh genocide. Yet, lakhs of Kashmiri hindus still refuse to succumb, and preserve their true heritage, they revere Devi Sharada- Devi Girija, in her whole form.

Kashmir is the truth of these Unbroken People of Bharat .

Acknowledgement– To Director Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri and all Unbroken people.

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