Human thought and sense of stability leads to a peaceful society. But when ever these two basic pillar of any society are challenged by evil design or some accident, then the animal inside the human skin arise and anarchy becomes the nature of the masses. This phenomena of anarchy is becoming so much evident in today’s WORLD yet the more saddening part is, its more of by design and less of by any accidental situation.

Anarchy by ‘design’ always look like a Black swan event but in reality its a grey Rhino, it portrays it self as an a spontaneous event but in reality you knew this was coming. if we read/analyse the geopolitical events of the last 20 years, whether from Iraq to Libya or Afghanistan to ARAB spring Anarchy by design was the silent weapon which actually dismantled these nations.

in the context of INDIA this not so new, silent weapon is being used to dismantle india’s growth and help the competitor in the long run. no doubt democracy is one of the best way to lead any educated and prudent society but it also has its drawbacks. right to protest, express or write is being misused to create the fake narrative leading to the silent weapon anarchy.

whether it was shahin bagh or now the so called farmer protest. Both these events look less of any spontaneous movement and more of by design. Read the details of Delhi police charge sheet in the shahin bagh / delhi riots case and you can smell the Truth. our enemy’s both internal and external worry a strong, confident India hence make no mistake they will use every possible opportunity to create ruckus and anarchy in the nation. Its high time for the Indian establishment to decide and derail this attack on BHARAT in the form of Anarchy.

lastly we all should understand and accept few truths. This news of india getting highest GST collection ever in the last month of 2020 or getting its own both make in india and made in india vaccine for covid will not go, and has not gone well around the world. whether your friend or enemy no one wants a stronger india on the world platform. Hence there only weapon against BHARAT is to create internal disturbance and anarchy.

Solution. be more aggressive in narrative building don’t provide space for any fake propaganda leading to anarchy and second focus on “ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT”

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