The Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) has filed petition to the Ministry of Home Affairs against more than 50 shell companies run by popular Punjabi singer Diljit Dosanjh and his manager Sundip Singh Khakh to route billions of rupees illegally for funding the “farmers’ protests”, “Anti-CAA protests” and riots in India in conjunction with  Khalistanis aided by Pakistan.

The LRO has based its petition on its investigative findings and research put out in the social media by Vijay Patel on his twitter handle @vijaygajera. The LRO in its complaint has stated that billions of rupees have been transferred through shell companies like Dharam Seva Records, Dharam Seva Limited, Famous STD Limited, Speed UK Records Limited, Buildage Limited, Atma Teas Limited, Flamskey Limited, Kudos Music Limited, E3UK Records Limited, Funky Store Limited etc. to route money illegally to fund riots and manufacture fake protests in the name of farmers in India.

These shell companies eerily have same members like Diljit Dosanjh, Sudip Singh Khakh alias Kaka Singh Mohanwalia, Gurmeet, Dinesh Auluck and others in important positions with the same addresses. Interestingly, these shell companies have all been dormant and dissolved shortly after they were established. These shell companies were used to pump money for nefarious activities in India by hood winking the law enforcement agencies and Financial Monitoring Agencies of India.

It was found that these companies are working as subsidiaries of the notorious Khalsa Aid and brazenly funded the jihadi Shaheen Bagh protestors, rioters in Delhi and Muzzafarnagar which were planned by the jihadi organisers of anti-CAA protests. Notably, these fake Khalsa proponents have backstabbed and betrayed the minority Sikh community persecuted in Pakistan and Afghanistan by opposing the CAA which was enacted to help the Sikhs refugees hailing from these Islamic countries to seek Indian citizenship without having to wait for 15 years after they somehow manage to reach India.

Pertinently, the Khalsa Aid and their Khalistani friends like Diljit Dosanjh are a mute spectator to the atrocities committed on the Sikh community in Pakistan, where the Sikh girl children are routinely kidnapped, raped, converted to Islam and married off to their jihadi tormentors. The Khalsa Aid did not even utter a whimper of protest when a minor daughter, Jagjit Kaur, of a granthi in Nankana Sahib Gurudwara in Pakistan was abducted from her house, raped, converted and married off to a jihadi belonging to one of the Islamist fundamentalist organisations who systematically attack minority communities in Pakistan. The Khalsa Aid fears the clout of Pakistani Army and ISI which can easily get them eliminated if they protest against the jihadis in support of their own beleaguered Sikh community in Pakistan.

The Khalsa Aid was also found in the investigations by the LRO to be very active in black-money transactions in tax haven regions of Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Central Africa, Congo, Haiti, Indonesia, Kenya, Libya, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Kingdom and Wales, Turkey, Uganda, Bosnia-Herzegovnia, and Iraq.

It is noteworthy that Khalsa Aid financial dealings are very active in Islamic countries where Sikhs are persecuted the most. That itself is an eye opener to anyone who has good interest in their hearts for the Sikh community. Pertinently, the holy Sikh Gurus Arjun Dev, Tegh Bahadur Singh and Guru Govind Singh’s young children were all murdered by the Mughals who are the heroes for Pakistani establishment and jihadi Muslims. Ironically, the greatest Akali King, Ranjeet Singh spent his entire life fighting the  barbaric jihadi Aghans to keep them from invading Punjab.

Also, as cited by the LRO in 2012, as per a report in the Hindustan Times dated 06.12.2012, the Department of Income Tax had raided hoses of top Punjabi singers Diljit Singh Dosanjh, Miss Pooja, Gippy Grewal and the premises of two Punjabi film producing firms. Diljit Singh Dosanjh came into limelight when he donated Rs. 1crore to the “farmers’ protest” which was reported on 6.12.2020 and his public spat with Kangana Ranaut on Khalistanis’ involvement in the “farmers’ protest”.

Notably, in June 2020 there was an uproar against Diljit Dosanjh when he was seen openly Gurpatwant Punnu’s and Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) demand for Khalistan. Ludhiana MP Ravneet Singh Bittu had urged then Chief Minister Captain Amrinder Singh to order an FIR to be filed in every police station of Punjab state against Diljit Singh and two others in this matter.

The LRO has also reported the curious coincidence of Akali Dal leader, Surjit Singh Badal’s address and singer Diljit Dosanjh’s Saanjh Foundation’s address being the same: HN.256, Sector 9C, Chandigarh. The LRO therefore legitimately questioned whether all the spurious shell companies, which opened and shut down in quick succession without conducting any business, of Dosanjh belonged to the Badals.

It is note worthy that the so-called protests in the name of  farmers is a conspiracy by anarchists to keep the real farmers in the dark of the beneficial provisions of the new Farm Act, spread rumours, peddle ISI agenda, destroy public property and create unrest in the nation. In fact, verified twitter handles with dubious credentials were found to instigate farmers to damage Telecom infrastructure. Notably, 1300 out of 9000 Jio Mobile Towers were damaged by the anarchists in a bid to hurt the Ambanis, but they actually ended up hurting Canadian business interests as Reliance had sold Jio Towers to a Canadian Company, Brookfield. The business community in Canada were incensed with Justin Trudeau for brazenly supporting violent arsonists to pander to his Khalistani supporters in Canada.  

Even Captain Amrinder Singh has started realising the folly of staging protests more for political reasons than any lacunae in the new Farm Act as it has now been completely taken over by jihadi and Khalistani forces intending to burn Punjab again as in the 1980s. Despite his strict warnings to keep the protests peaceful, the Khalistani elements continued to destroy 176 more mobile towers, which disrupted telecom services in the state.

Ever since PM Modi came with a thumping mandate in 2019 and nullified the notorious Article 370 of the Constitution and truly integrated Jammu and Kashmir with the rest of India, the Chinese and the Pakistani establishments are in a over drive to cause anarchy in India and destabilise the country as their dreams of usurping Jammu & Kashmir have been nixed by the political will shown by PM Modi. It is hoped that the Home Ministry takes swift action on Diljit Dosanjh and his associates with respect to his shell companies and also bans Khalsa Aid in India which has nothing to do with the real Khalsa pride of Guru Govind ji nor Maharaja Ranjeet Singh, but is only a putty in the hands of Pakistan’s ISI. The Government of India should advise the Khalistanis to concentrate all their efforts to win back Lahore which was the capital of Akalis following true Khalsa traditions rather being a stooge of Jihadi Pakistani ISI.         

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