Not just young children and women, now even female dogs are facing severe existential crisis from the peaceful community. Even before the shocking news of 30 stray dogs being a target of sexual lust of a 67 year old Ahmad Shah sank in from Juhu area in Mumbai, we have another case of dog rape caught on CCTV camera from Kalina, Mumbai by a man named Toufeek Ahmad as reported by the Times Of India.

Toufeek, a man in his twenties has been reportedly caught red handed on a CCTV surveillance camera sexually abusing a female dog named Cheeno in Kalina area of Santacruz, Mumbai.

An FIR has been lodged against him for ‘unnatural sex’ and bestiality under section 377 of the IPC at the Vakola police station.

Savita Mahajan, the Chairperson of Animal Rescue and Care Trust (ARAC), reportedly lodged the FIR at the Vakola police station against ToufeekAhmad and submitted all electronic evidence of the crime including the CCTV footage of the crime which took place recently.

Savita Mahajan, reportedly stated that the sexual abuse of the female dog, Cheeno was discovered when CCTV camera was installed in the area where cars are parked in order to prevent thefts of car parts.

So, the CCTV camera meant to capture car thieves ended capturing the despicable crime of raping a female dog by Toufeek.

One wonders that what kind of a mentality drives the members of a particular community, who the secularists insist as ‘peaceful’ to violate sexually innocent animals which cannot even complain to seek justice from the civilized society?

While there is a raging pandemic of Grooming Jihad of young women across the world, now the disease seems to be extending to voiceless endearing female animals like dogs, goats and even cows.

The theory of Jannat or Paradise in Islam promises 72 virgins and 28 pre-pubescent young boys for Momins who run a crusade for jihad. It can only be imagined whether the sick peacefuls go on to target female innocent animals perhaps in a bid to forcefully bring them to religion of peace.

Now the million dollar question is why is the usually vociferous Mumbai’s Bollywood elitist dog loving ‘peaceful secular’ community, who like to civilize us Hindus to teach us that crackers burst to celebrate Deepawali and water colours used for celebrating Holi are very harmful for dogs, completely silent over this serial sexual abuse of female dogs by the peaceful community? Is bestiality by the peaceful community being normalised by the secular elites?

The perpetrators of heinous despicable crime of dog rapes should be punished with a minimum life imprisonment coupled with very hard labour. Personally, even a death penalty is welcome as it would warn the peaceful community to rein in their overcharged sexual urges and obsession with sex.

Perhaps we would need a special law to deal with dog jihad or animal jihad on the lines of Love Jihad, preferably with more severe punishments as these voiceless animals, but for the CCTV cameras would not be even able to even point out their perpetrators let alone file criminal complaints against them.



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