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Thousands of years ago in the land known as Bharat Varsh there lived a people who thrived by their synergy with the laws of the nature.  They excelled in every aspect of human endeavour and through the peaceful pursuit of enlightenment, they secured an understanding of their place in this infinite cosmos.  Little did they know that across the oceans and around the world there lived barbarians with genocidal ambitions. 

The people of Bharat welcomed all visitors like their very own. They shared their wealth, knowledge, customs and culture with the whole of humanity.  They did they know that not all humans are made with the same moral or ethical DNA.  What followed over hundreds of years was the rampant rape and genocide of not just the people of Bharat, but of its Dharma, its culture and the very fabric of its peaceful life.  Muslim and Christian invaders took turns in how they attacked the very soul of Bharat through stealth, outright butchery, use of systematic rape and in destroying the rich heritage over a millennia.  In the end, even when it got its freedom in 1947, many Indians and their civic institutions remained enslaved to the masters of yesteryears.

Anti-Hinduism is not new.  Every barbarian that came to Bharat knew that they had to attack the Dharma of the people and destroy the nation from within. Of course, it was not called anti-Hindu then, but every action that the barbarians took was planned and systematically executed to destroy Sanatan Dharma and its people.

Today the world recognises antisemitism.  Defined as, “Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities”.

Let me now define anti-Hinduism in the same light: “Anti-Hinduism is a certain perception of Hindus, which may be expressed as hatred toward Hindus. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Hinduism are directed towards Hindus and/or their property, towards Hindu community institutions and religious facilities.”

When PM Modi came to power in 2014, the world of the barbarians trembled. They knew that finally India had a leader who would not be afraid to call out these barbarians for what they are, the extremists and the terrorists of the 21st Century.  We saw the Lutyen cabal and the Khan Market gangs come out in force, empowered by their wealthy supporters from the western socialist and liberal camps, to undermine not just India – but in particular, to undermine Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhist. Of course, the main attack has been on Hindus.

In the west we saw these same barbaric forces from the left come out in a coordinated manner to fuel the anti-Hindu rhetoric. They attacked Hindu leaders, Hindu organisations, Hindus Mandirs and Hindus scriptures and any Hindu in public life.  The use of social media engineered with precision to send out an anti-Hindu message. Now we see the incessant racist attacks on leading British politicians like Priti Patel and Rishi Sunak in the UK, and in the USA Tulsi Gabbard who was attacked for calling out anti-Hindu extremists.  The Democrats made sure that the compliant Kamala Harris, who has a track record of being anti-India and pro-Pakistan, was given the seat for the Vice Presidency whilst the deserving Tulsi was ditched by the wayside. So let us be very clear, in the USA the Democrat presidency candidates are both anti-India, pro-Pakistan and to me at least, very much anti-Hindu.  In the UK we have got the exact same situation.  The Labour Party led by Keir Starmer continues to be anti-India and anti-Hindu. Do remember, it was the Labour Party and its politicians that demanded the visa ban on the then CM Modi. It was the Labour Party and its politicians that wanted PM Modi’s first visit to the UK to be cancelled. Fortunately, the then Conservative PM Cameron ignored these lunatics and the visit by PM Modi became one of the biggest successes that we have seen for a while.

We have seen the Conservative Party coming closer to Indian and Hindu sentiments, and at the same time the rampant madness of the left seems to be unstoppable on both sides of the Atlantic. And this madness from the left promotes anarchy in India through its proxies, be they politicians or the anti-nationals.

On Wednesday 25th September 2019, the cat was finally out of the bag in the UK.  It was the day when the British Labour Party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn passed a motion during their annual conference on Kashmir that can only be described as anti-India and pro-Pakistan.

The resolution was proposed by Uzma Rasool and seconded by Cllr Neghat Khan and supported by Naz Shah MP and Kaneez Akhtar.  JKSDMI (Jammu and Kashmir Self-Determination Movement International) led by Cllr Yasmine Dar, Chairperson JKSDMI UK and Mohammed Azam were active participants for the motion and Raja Najabat Hussain, Chairman JKSDMI, was also present at the Conference.

During the live televised debate, we witnessed Labour Party politicians and members come to the podium and spew their hate speeches against India and Kashmir.  The Pakistani lobby within Labour is now so powerful that they dictate terms to the leadership.  The money flowing into the UK (and USA) to support the extremists who are supporting Pakistan is huge. They are buying out politicians, lobby groups, media personnel and orchestrating high profile public protest marches.  One of these we saw in London last year on 15th August 2019 when thousands of Pakistani hooligans marched to the Indian High Commission to disrupt the Independence Day celebrations.  In so doing, at one point it became violent and peaceful Indians (NRIs and PIOs) who were celebrating this joyous day were bombarded with verbal abuse as well as projectiles. These hooligans did not care for the elderly nor for the children who were present.  It took the Labour Mayor of London (of Pakistani origin) more than a week to condemn this hooligan behaviour, and that after sustained pressure to do so.

More recently the same Labour politicians have embarked in their support for the extremists Khalistanis.  They demanded that the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson should be supporting the self-determination of Khalistanis.  Thank God for the voice of common sense in our Lord Rami Ranger who quickly tweeted, ‘Today, I spoke with the British Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Boris Johnson MP who categorically assured me that British Government does not support the Khalistan movement. Thank you PM.’. The British Government, as long as it remains a Conservative Government, will never support the extremist Khalistanis.

The politics of anti-India goes hand-in-hand with the politics of anti-Hindu.  There is now a global alliance of extremists and the woke brigade on the left that is intent in undermining India and Hindus.  This did not happen overnight.  They have patiently put in place their people in high profile places throughout the world.  They have pumped millions of Dollars to buy out these voices and positions of power. You will find them in parliaments across the western world, in political parties on the left, in all major world institutions, in social media empires, in Hollywood and in Bollywood, in leading news media be it print or TV, and much much more.

And whilst all of this is happening in front of us by our enemies, what is it that our leaders are doing?  We are lucky that at least we have PM Modi in India.  However, it is regrettable that even with such power we Hindus cannot dedicate sufficient resources to protect our interests across the world.

India, Indians and Hindus who have access to power, money and resources need to think for our Dharma now. If they used their privilege to support the Dharma Rakshaks across the world properly, it is possible to challenge this anti-India and anti-Hindu movement.  All we need are the resources.  So I say to the Government of India and to the billionaires in India, is it not time you thought global rather than being constantly tangled up in internal politics?  Tackling the anti-nationals in India is very important, as is dismantling the legacy of the invaders and their supporters.  However, in the 21st Century, all nations have to protect their interest at a global level as well. A better balance between these two important priorities will empower the position of India and Indians.

We can learn from our Jewish friends.  A very small community that was almost totally decimated by the holocaust.  However, see how they have recovered. In the same time as India has been independent, Israel and the Jewish community now command power and control across the globe.  They have empowered their community in every country with huge amounts of funds, strategic support and quality information so that their community and national narrative is always visible. Even countries in the Middle East are beginning to recognise Israel officially, a development many thought would be impossible.

If India and Indians are to be really independent, then it is time to wake up from this enslaved mindset. The ‘Sepoys’ amongst us need to be rooted out, and the Dharmic warriors given the resources to protect Dharma. We have been enslaved for hundreds of years because of our stupidity, and because of the singlemindedness of our enemies. Can you imagine how wonderful this world could be if the heritage of Bharat Varsh flourished and was shared with the rest of the world?  This world is in pieces because the Abrahamic faiths have used it as their playground to wage their crusades of centuries past. Their aim is to make the world subservient to their ‘one’ God. The battleground for this is now India and to this end they will spare no one. The systematic undermining of Hindus makes their task of harvesting soul’s much easier, and of course money is no object for them.

I have been raising these issues now for more than a decade.  I am glad to see that many more are waking up to these ground realities. It’s time to spread this information, so having read this article do your bit. Our Dharma is to do the right Karma.

‘dharma eva hato hanti dharmo rakShati rakshitaha

tasmaaddharmo na hantavyaH maano dharmo hatovadhIt’

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