Congress supporters initiated 1984 ‘Sikh Riots’ which took ~288 Deaths (Officially) & ~8,000 Deaths (Unofficially). Rajiv Gandhi said “जब बड़ा पेड़ गिरता है तो धरती थोड़ी होलती है”, when asked about M’assacre, Murder, Abduction & R’ape.

In 1985, the SC of India ruled in favor of Musl’im divorcee ‘Shah Bano’ ordering compensation, But On demand of ‘Musli’ms Organisations’, Rajiv Gandhi diluted SC Verdict on Shah Bano case for Appeasement.

‘Rajiv Gandhi’ appointed another Curse named ‘Sam Pitroda’ as his adviser on public information infrastructure and innovation. This person Pitroda is apparently responsible for sad state of Education System in Indian.

‘Rajiv Gandhi’ ended ‘Assam Movement’, launched by Assamese people to protest against the illegal migration of Bangladeshi M’usli’ms. This act had reduced the Assamese to a minority there.

Rajiv Gandhi’ name came in ‘Bofors’ Scandal, he was alleged for Bribes which were taken through the middleman ‘Win Chadda’ and ‘Hinduja brothers’. ‘Quattrocchi’ was other main accused in this Case.

Rajiv Gandhi’ stood against ‘Tamils’. He supported ‘Sri Lanka’ Government & then action against ‘LTTE’ initiated but along-with Tamil Genoc’ide happened. 1,200+ Indian Soldiers were brutally martyred and 3,500+ injured.

In 1992, ‘Rajiv Gandhi’ was alleged for receiving fund from Russian State security agency KGB. RG was also alleged for holding Black Money of ~2.5 billion Swiss francs in secret Indian accounts in Switzerland.

‘Rajiv Gandhi’ has been named as an “entrepreneur” for Swedish firm Saab-Scania, when it was trying to sell its Viggen fighter aircraft to India in the 1970s by the US diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks.

‘Rajiv Gandhi’ led to Economic Crisis in 1991. the economic policies he followed after 1985, Rajiv Gandhi borrowed internationally very heavily and the fiscal deficit went up, Balance of Trade deficit went up and external debt to the country went up.

‘Rajiv Gandhi’ was accused for the Escape of ‘Warren Anderson’, the Main Accused in ‘Bhopal Gas Tragedy’ which took ~3,800 life (~16,000 Claimed).

Commission amounting to $ 9,90,000 was paid by Boeing to ‘Rajiv Gandhi’ against the purchase of 3 Boeing 737 jetliners as revealed by ‘Michigan Daily’ newspaper in 1977.

Farooq Abdullah- a close friend of ‘Rajiv Gandhi’ was loosing badly in 1987 elections, when a sudden curfew was imposed by Congress. 1987 J&K Elections were rigged. After that infiltration increased and which led to mass’care of Kashmiri Pundits later-on.

‘Rajiv Gandhi’ neither initiated IT Industry & nor brought Computers. In 1967, IT Industry begin in Mumbai. The first software export zone, SEEPZ-IT park, came in Mumbai in 1973. More than 80% of the software exports were from SEEPZ in the 1980s.


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