Intelligence agencies have also become alert as soon as Pakistan’s connection comes to the fore.

The model of Ghazwa-e-Hind was prepared for terror in India. Its command was in the hands of Pakistan. This revelation came after the arrest of an accused named Margoov Ahmed Danish from Phulwari Sharif on Friday. The police had exposed this terrorist network on July 11, a day before the arrival of PM Narendra Modi in Patna. PM was also their target. Police is making more arrests on the spot of the accused arrested so far. Danish was arrested yesterday in this connection.

Patna Police has received many sensitive information from Danish’s smartphone. According to the police, Danish was operating the Ghazwa-e-Hind model. Surprisingly, this model was working in Bihar since 2016, but Indian intelligence agencies did not even know about it.

According to the police, a WhatsApp group was formed to carry out this work. The group had two admins. One of them was Faizan of Pakistan and the other was Danish from Patna.

The connection of terrorists was heavy on the intelligence system.

Patna Police on Friday arrested Margoov Ahmed Danish from Phulwari Sharif. Pakistani connection with his smart phone has been exposed. The police have given information about WhatsApp chats from 2016 till now, in which the message of destruction of India from Pakistan was being given. For this huge funding was also coming from Pakistan.

It is clear from these chats that Faizan of Pakistan and Danish of Bihar were working together on a big conspiracy against India. So far, the police has been able to disclose only the WhatsApp group, the big network is yet to be revealed in the interrogation.

After the disclosure of this game of terror running from the capital of Bihar, now the Patna Police is demanding an investigation from the Enforcement Directorate (ED). At the same time, intelligence agencies have also become alert as soon as Pakistan’s connection comes to the fore.

The work was going on on the plan of Jihad in

2023, according to what has been disclosed by the Patna Police, in 2023 there was a complete plan of Jihad. Work on this big plan was going on since 2016 and the intelligence system has not been aware of it. Patna Police also did not have any major input regarding Danish. The police had detained Danish for questioning about the PFI connection, but Danish’s smart phone in the hands of the police opened such a secret that the police lost their sleep.

It is feared that from 2016 to 2022, Pakistan may have created a large network in Bihar. Work on a new model of terror was going on in Patna, but not even a single link could be traced from the local police to the intelligence system.

Screenshot of a WhatsApp group that directly talks about jihad in 2023.

The big challenge is to find out the roots in Bihar,

how much the roots of the international connection of terror have spread from Patna, it will be a big challenge to reveal it. How big a network Danish has been operating in the hands of Pakistan since the year 2016, it will be revealed only in the investigation of the police. If sources are to be believed, Bihar was chosen as the soft target. For this, Phulwari of Patna was made a safe zone.

What has been revealed from the documents and smart phones in the hands of the police is an alarm bell for India’s security. Now it will be a big challenge for the police and intelligence agencies to bring out each and every link of Danish. It will also not be easy to disclose what the Pakistani organization Tehreek-e-Labbaik had planned for the destruction in India.

5 questions from disclosure of Pakistani connection

  • Since 2016, the plan of destruction in India was going on, so why did the intelligence system not get to know?
  • Why could the local police in Phulwari not gather any information in 6 years?
  • Why did Bihar Police not get to know about international calls and messages?
  • Why Pakistan’s funding for the devastation in India was not traced?
  • Suspects had to come and go, yet why the police could not confirm it?
Marguv Ahmed Danish alias Saifuddin Ahmed arrested from Phulwari Sharif.

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