In a last minute surprise, Eknath Shinde from Shiv Sena was made the CM of Maharashtra. That surprised many.

Lets understand how this step will deal a moral blow to dynastic politics in India.

Since time immemorial, the children inherited the properties of their parents and ancestors. But in Indian democracy a very nasty concept had emerged.

It was assumed that the progenies had absolute and inalienable right on the political ideology and legacy of their ancestors.

For e.g., many people treat Nehruji and Indiraji great leaders. But what right do their progenies (Sonia, Pappu and Pinki) have to inherit their legacy, sell their legacy to people, win votes and rule?

In the case of Shiv Sena, it was assumed that the Hindutva ideology and legacy of the founder would by default be inherited by his son. And few went ahead and tried to stop Eknath Sindhe from asking for votes in name of Balasaheb.

Uddhav as the child of Balasaheb has all rights on the properties of Balasaheb. But every living human being on this planet has right to claim, follow, ask for votes and rule basing on Balasaheb’s ideology and claim Balasaheb’s legacy.

By making Eknath Sindhe the CM, BJP has struck the dynasty politics to the core. How?

  1. Eknath Shindhe by following and claiming Balasaheb’s ideology is presenting him as the true Shiv Sena.
  2. Since he has got more than two third of MLAs, his faction will be recognized as true Shiv Sena.
  3. By following Balasaheb’s idoelogy in letter and spirit, he will break the principle of dynastic succession of ideology and legacy.
  4. Such steps will send message to the non-dynastic leaders to claim the legacy and ideology of the head of the party after his/her death, and discourage his/her children from claiming that. 

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