Desire to fight BJP is 'MUST': RTI activist Saket Gokhale invites  applications to join his 'battle' - The Week

I saw this tweet from Saket Gokhale , where he had sent a notice to MHA as to why only Hindus , Sikhs, Jains, Parsees , Christian and Jain refugees from Pakistan , Afghanistan and Bangladesh have been invited for citizenship and why not Muslims ?

So here is my question to you Mr. fake secular , Saket Gokhale , why is your secular heart not beating for other religions which have not been included , Jews , B’hai , Yazzidis ?

Looks like you don’t care for Jews . Seriously why don’t you care for jews , who have also not been included in CAA ? If you think all religions are same , then why are you not protesting when Jews have not been included ? Looks like you hate Jews . Oh dear you are an anti-semite. SHAME SHAME SHAME .

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