In Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, a nursery class girl was thrown out of school. for not wearing a hijab. This incident is from the Islamic Mission School of Aligarh. The father of the girl who was expelled from the school, Mohammad Amir, had complained to District Magistrate Inder Vikram Singh on Monday (29 August 2022) regarding this matter. Amir is also a leader of the Muslim Rashtriya Manch.

Mohammad Amir, in a complaint letter to the District Magistrate, stated that pressure was made to send a mere three-year-old girl wearing a hijab to school. Neither Hindi is taught nor the national anthem is sung in the school. He had said in his complaint that his daughter is still unable to recognize Hindi words. When he talked to the girl about this, he came to know that only Urdu is taught in the school.

Mohammad Amir, the father of the nursery class girl, said, “I got my daughter admitted in the nursery at Islamic Mission School. After 6 months of admission, when we went to school and asked why our daughter has not been taught Hindi? Why hasn’t homework been checked yet? How is the performance of the girl child? During this, the director of the school said that you will not study after asking and then accused me of misbehavior.”

Aamir further said, “The limit was crossed when our daughter was thrown out of school for the same thing. For 6 months our daughter was not taught Hindi and neither is their national anthem. The national anthem is played only twice a year in the school, on 15 August and 26 January.

Amir, the father of the victim girl, has said that pressure is being exerted on her from the school after she complained to the district magistrate’s office. It is being said by the school that he should withdraw the money from the daughter’s fees and get admission to any other school.

According to media reports, Mohammad Amir had complained to the District Magistrate Inder Vikram Singh regarding this whole matter. After which, taking immediate cognizance, he directed the Basic Education Officer (BEO) to investigate and take action. BSA says that a committee has been constituted to investigate the matter. Action will be taken only after the investigation.

At the same time, after complaining about this matter and coming to the media, it has been said in the clarification from the school management that the father of that girl had come to the school. Here he, while talking in the wrong way, created more ruckus. When the school management was questioned about not teaching Hindi, they said, the girl is studying in nursery class. Children of this age have difficulty in reading and writing Hindi.

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