We are at a significant point in the history of our country. Challenges and hurdles have been thrown at us from unexpected quarters. We seem to have been filled with a new-found optimism to deal with them with reasonable success. We are no more unsure of how our country will pull out of crisis. Nor are we sceptical of the role of our leadership as earlier during the moments of hardships.

We are confident enough to shed the old baggage. Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai won’t do anymore. No more of that tear-jerking sentimentality of love, hug, universal peace and non-violence, when the enemy is all the while digging a hole and is ready to bury us in it. No amount of grand speeches of brotherhood, non-alignment policy and Panchasheel principles of co-existence, has deterred our enemy from invading us in 1962. Our almost obsequious friendly overtures have not stopped their design to take over our lands square miles after thousand square miles.

A two bit worth country at our western boarder was being accorded so much courtesy and respectability as an equal at high tables of diplomacy. A country that has let, by its policies, industry of terrorism mushroom so as to target us, doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near us, let alone sit across the dialogue table for peace talks drama.

Those who had been doing this to us, have been given the boot by the electoral verdicts, twice at the center and on numerous occasions in various states. They still can’t see the light of the day. They want the old fetish of flying peace doves to be brought back. They criticise the government for punishing the terrorists with surgical strikes and air strikes. It’s war-mongering, they denounce at their loudest voice. They would do everything to belittle the government efforts to square up to the challenges from China at LOC. They kept quiet when Tibet was forcibly occupied by China. Siachen was handed over to them, thousands of square miles of our land at LAC were deceptively taken over by the PLA and our neighbours were pitted against us by the hostile communist regime. None of them who ruled our country then ever squeaked a word of condemnation against them.

Opposition wants all the status quo back. They want the old licence permit system back. Old ways of money making from routine government services are what they miss the most. They are quite comfortable with old systems of commissions changing hands in any deal with respect to sale of farm produce. That is why they have let loose their middlemen on nation’s capital to create disturbances. Not only that, they have brought in professional religious extremists of the kind seen in anti-CAA protest to fuel hatred and stage Delhi riot part-2.

They don’t fight shy of defending PFI, a group which is running on only agenda of orchestrating riots across the country. They give voice to those who want to create Khalistan and demand release of urban naxals and rioters.

There is a serious crisis in the ranks of opposition. Congress is in disarray due to ambitions of the dynasty. Psycophants make up almost rest of the people outside the family, who form what is known as next line of leaders. The family is only a one trick entity of so called secularism, which they tom- tom about at the drop of a hat. They are yet to realise that the word has come to assume obnoxious character due to misuse and overuse by fraudulent practice of minority appeasement in the name of secularism.

They are against equality and one rule for every citizen. They want triple talaq, article 370 and 35 A back. They wouldn’t have liked the Ram temple verdict to be passed, had they been in power.

The country needs a viable opposition. Not this ragtag of negativists, pompous socialists and short-sighted opportunists who jump gleefully at sharing bed with disruptive forces just to spite the government.

We see no hope in Congress ever changing its character according to the need of the great future that beckons our country. Smaller parties behave like replicas of Congress with the same clichéd slogans of secularism and whatnot. Who can fill in the vacancy?

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