Ashfaq Saiyed, a 24-year-old man from Vadodara, is accused of luring a Hindu underage girl into a relationship, got her pregnant, and then abandoned her. He kept up a physical contact with the minor girl after promising her marriage and even succeeded in getting her pregnant when she was just 14 years old. He apparently abandoned her after that. He was apprehended after Vadodara Police filed a complaint in this respect. The girl, who resides in the Sayajiganj neighbourhood of Vadodara, claims in her complaint that her mother abandoned her long ago and that neither her father nor her mother are employed.She has been staying with her sister as a result. She made contact with Ashfaq there and coerced her into selling alcohol. Gujarat has an alcohol prohibition in place, making it illegal to sell or consume alcohol. According to allegations, Ashfaq also often beat her.



After promising the girl a marriage, Ashfaq repeatedly engaged in physical intercourse with her, eventually leading to her being pregnant at the age of 14. In the end, she gave birth to a child in the Sayajiganj hospital, but the baby passed away within a day. She was introduced to a Gandhinagar organisation for women by a female activist she met in a bus in December of the previous year, and she has been residing there ever since. Her mother later arrived and drove her to Rajkot.Ashfaq visited the girl once more after learning that she had been transported to Rajkot. In January 2022, he took her back to Vadodara and made another marriage commitment. But he turned violent once more, hitting her, and he refused to wed her.Finally, the girl’s father filed a complaint against Ashfaq at the Sayajiganj Police Station. The police then opened an investigation under the appropriate POCSO and IPC sections. He was later apprehended and sent to the police station. It turns out that cases have already been filed against Ashfaq in the police departments of Vadodara and Ahmedabad

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