Ashoka is known for being an authoritarian ruler and for having dictatorial and power-hungry tendencies, but what is less known fact about him is that Ashoka had his own Secret Society, which worked for him from underground for Ashoka’s Own Benefit and Influence all over the world.

This Secret Society of Ashoka was known as Ashoka’s Nine Unknown Men.

This Secret Society which was formed over 2000 years ago consisted of Nine Unnamed Unknown Men who were personal loyal servants of Ashoka, and they would work on his behalf to increase Ashoka’s Influence and Ideology all over the world, the main part of Ashoka’s Ideology being Buddhism.

These Nine Unknown Men were the Equivalent of the Illuminati in Ancient India, and they would keep themselves in secrecy from the public, while also influencing the opinions of the masses. They would work from the shadows but at the same time have a huge impact on the minds and thought-process of the people.

Whenever One Member of the Nine Unknown Men would be infected with disease or die, then immediately a council would decide a successor, and like this a New Set of Nine Unknown Men would replace the predecessors, thus continuing the Secret Society without any interruption, under the Banner of Ashoka.

The Nine Unknown Men of Ashoka mainly specialized in these subjects – Alchemy, Biology, Propaganda, Gravity, Light, Cosmology and Psychology – these were the main field of expertise of the Nine Unknown Men, and they constantly wrote Secret Books consisting of their acquired Knowledge, to pass on this Knowledge or Ideology throughout the entire world.

It is said that these Nine Unknown Men of Ashoka still exist somewhere till this day and they are still influencing the Politics of not only India but the Politics of the Entire World by spreading Ashoka’s Ideology throughout the entire world.

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