Why Astrophysics and Astronomy is a fundamental subject?

Many people may ask, the title of the article is “Astrology and Astronomy”, why there is a question related to “Astrophysics and Astronomy”?

In order to answer the above question. We need to know and understand the History of “Astrology and Astronomy”.

Once a period of time both Astrology and Astronomy were one and the same until they were separated from each other where Astronomy was accepted as Science and Astrology was disregarded as not being Scientific because at that time there was no proper explanation for Astrology and the way of thinking and paradigm never supported the claims of Astrology. Astronomy as we know is the oldest Science in existence, Astronomers in ancient times were also Astrologers. 

Great Astronomers like Johannes Kepler and Galileo Galilei were also Astrologers too.

Earliest contribution of Astronomy to humanity are as follows:

  1. Navigation—Sailors used stars as a navigation points. Today we have GPS or Global Positioning System.
  2. Timekeeping (heard of Astronomical clock)
  3. Astrology (both Astronomy and Astrology were studied as twin Science until they were separated)—Astrology used Astronomical calculations for determining the position of Celestial bodies in space. Astronomy applied to the human Psychology is Astrology.
  4. Astronomy was also used for Agriculture purposes too.
Above image: Astronomical clock in Prague, Czech Republic

Yes, many Scientists consider Astrology to be a pseudoscience. But there are some Scientists who believe in Astrology like British Astrophysicist and Astronomer Dr.Percy Seymour who has written 2 books on Astrology. He formulated Magnetic theory of Astrology explaining how Astrology works and the Scientific mechanism behind Astrology, Dr.PercySeymour formulated his theory based on the discovery of an American Radio Engineer John H Nelson who discovered that there was a correlation between different Planetary positions with respect to propagation of Radio waves.

John H Nelson was an amateur Astronomer who found correlations between Sun spots formation and degradation in propagation of Radio waves, he concluded that the revolving planets orchestrated Solar activity which was responsible for this distortion in propagation of Radio waves. His discovery was a subject of interest in Astronomical circles.

More than anything, Astrologers took a keen interest in his discovery because as it gave an objective evidence for Astrology.

So Astronomically speaking some Celestial bodies do have an influence on Earth. Planets Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mercury along with Sun which is a star and Moon(Earth’s natural satellite) has an influence on Earth which influences humans and all organisms. 

The tidal tug of Jupiter-Venus is said to influence climate change on Earth. Saturn is said to be responsible in maintaining the temperature of Earth, Sun influences life on Earth.

Though Mercury’s magnetic field at the surface has just one percent the strength of Earth’s, it interacts with the magnetic field of the solar wind to sometimes create intense magnetic tornadoes that funnel the fast, hot solar wind plasma down to the surface of the planet. When the ions strike the surface, they knock off neutrally charged atoms and send them on a loop high into the sky.

Stephen Plagemann, a Scientist working in NASA had published a book called “The Jupiter Effect” where he proposed that solar activity, by affecting the spin of the Earth, could provide a trigger for earthquakes. He was later thrown out of his job because of Astrological touch in his views,he is working as a farmer in England.

Stephen Plagemann proposed his theory based on the discovery of an American Radio Engineer John H Nelson.

But ironically, today modern Science is telling the same thing what Stephen Plagemann had proposed. It is now being suggested that powerful Solar eruptions might trigger Earthquakes. It is to be noted that predicting Earthquakes is a well known in Astrology and considered as an Astrological phenomenon.

In a study, it is concluded that phases of Moon dictates sleep patterns in humans. In Astrology, mind is represented by Moon.

Phases of Moon is also responsible for precipitation or rain, Moon is also said to maintain Geomagnetic field.

Above images: Phases of Moon

The word “Lunatic” which means gone mad is said to be derived from the word “Lunar” which means Moon.

Now consider this:

Trenoweth: Adolescent behaviour & Moon phase (2016)

Alex Trenoweth, a teacher, studied 7,944 reported incidents of bad behaviour by pupils (aged 11 to 18 years old) recorded by teachers at a Secondary School in East London in the 2012-2013 academic year. She found that the frequency of discipline cases at the New Moon was 16% higher than the Full Moon (p <.001). Trenoweth speculated that as pupils and teachers had tended to sleep better during the New Moon (Röösli et al 2006), (Cajochen 2013) than at the Full Moon, the slight increase in sleep gave both teachers and pupils more energy. This energy or the Sun/Moon combination may have enhanced the confidence of students to commit the offence and the decisiveness and resolve of teachers to enforce it. (Trenoweth 2016)

It is said that Dreams are more likely to be mundane rather than bizarre when the Earth’s magnetism is going through a period of high activity.

Now transit Pisces Moon is said to be responsible for nightmares in Astrology. There are many Astrological factors too and this is one of them.

Many sceptics claim Astrology has been disproved or debunked already, where they cite various tests. It is to be noted that Astrology is not debunked or disproven and no one has done it. All these tests on Astrology is more focused on “can Astrologers able to predict the personalities of the people without by chance(probabilistic)” and many tests have shown Astrologers not able to predict and in many tests they are successful which concludes that these tests neither proves or disproves Astrology, it all depends on the limitations of Astrologers in predicting and that is a major factor for why such tests aren’t the accurate tests for the validity of Astrology.

Astronomy (Astrology too) have contributed a lot towards Science. From my understanding “Astrophysics and Astronomy” is a fundamental subject which is important for every Scientific disciplines. If you understand that Astronomy plays a major role in every Scientific disciplines.

Astronomy applied to the human Psychology is Astrology.

From my understanding, Astrology is helpful in the following fields mentioned below:

  1. Psychological evaluation
  2. Psychiatric diagnosis
  3. Medical assistance

Professor Balfour Stewart, who is the author of The Unseen Universe and has studied meteorology and the Earth’s magnetism, stated that there were many reasons for believing in the relationship between planetary alignments and sunspots. He declared, “If all these speculations are proved to be right, it means that we were totally mistaken about Medieval Astrology.”

Dr.Jane Blizard’s work for NASA showed evidence for heliocentric planetary conjunctions, oppositions, and certain 90° alignments giving rise to violent solar disturbances. Due to this, the fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field will change from 0.0ci to 2.0ci (ci – International magnetic character figure), as noted by geophysicists. This means earth’s magnetism will change depending on disturbances caused by solar magnetic wind. This change in earth’s magnetism will bring changes in human beings.

Above image: Solar activity causing Geomagnetism

Astronomers have contributed to Science in many ways. 

From the iPhone and Kodak film to GPS and defense satellites to MRI technology and the computer language Forth, a breadth and depth of concepts, inventions and applications can be traced back to astronomical roots.

As Dr. Marissa Rosenberg told Universe Today of the critical role of astronomy both in a macroscopic and microscopic context, “Astronomy constantly reminds people of two seemingly contradictory things. First that the universe is infinite and we are of but the tiniest fraction of importance. And second that life is rare and precious. A home as beautiful and unique as earth does not come often. We must protect it.”

digital camera in your DSLR and smartphone — the devices fueling the rise of social media — likely wouldn’t be what they are today without decades spent by astronomers pushing their limits. Wi-fi was invented by an astronomer trying to sharpen images from his telescope. Even our ideas about the future of Earth were shaped by astronomers’ observations of the runaway global greenhouse effect on Venus — and what it meant for climate change on our own planet.

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