Glamour, wealth, education and success are few appropriate adjectives that Indian diaspora have assiduously acquired for itself over the long strenuous years. Today they are among the most influential classes of immigrants for their respective residency. Not only are they important for their new residency but also for India. They are our brand ambassadors who have cultivated a New India image against the disgusting manufactured image of a land of Snake charmer and elephant. They have carried the Indian Music culture Sanatan civilization to the occidental world. And have been generously contributing over 60 Billion Dollar of annual remittance back home. Yes India happens to be the largest recipient of foreign currency remittance ahead of China now in the world.

Given such a social economic and political scale of grandeur, it is always advisable to be alert. It is imperative to remain mindful of unseen unprecedented unpleasant accidents if those could surface without insinuation.

Such cynicism may not find too many buyers at this moment of social set-up which profess multi-culture and plural world order. World post two consecutive world wars has invented a concept of inclusive secular society where state resources have been thrown open to all without any prejudice and bias. And Indian diaspora has reaped the utmost benefit through hard labor by excelling ahead of competing native society in their respective new residency.

But what if there could be a change in rules of engagement tomorrow? What if society starts emphasizing the rights of native over others? What if the economic disparity could be a reason for new non accommodative legislative action? What if racial, color and religious discrimination find a new nationalistic narrative again?

Many may not agree to this unrelated concern here? But never forget the rainy days. What happened to thousands of immigrants in a country called Uganda where new state policy was defined by the then Ugandan president Idi Amin. He broke all the conventional human law and allowed state apparatus to maim, kill, confiscate and drive away all immigrants including scores of wealthy Indian entrepreneurs.

Fortunate and blessed could save their life. Yet lost all the wealth while getting evacuated. Less fortunate remained traceless.

New generations of immigrants perhaps are not aware about this maniac Ugandan dictator Idi Amin. In short Idi Amin a married man with over half a dozen ladies and who fathered more than 50 hapless children, was employed as an ordinary cook in British Army beginning in 1946. He rose in the rank and occupied the position of President through a Military coup in 1971 and remained till 1979. He used to be castigated with a pet name Butcher of Uganda.  He is said to have killed up to 5 Lac ordinary citizens and expelled nearly 1 lac immigrant while confiscating their entire wealth.

The Govt of India had to amend its citizenship act to facilitate citizenship for Indians returning to their motherland from Uganda. And these were those immigrants who had stayed in Uganda for over centuries. Many went along with British in 19th century to build the Railway and decided to stay back and work for the development of Uganda.

But all lost in no time. No world order of UNO, India, Commonwealth and Britain could impress Idi Amin for relief and could not relieve the horrible suffering that those hapless immigrants suffered through.

History has too many burning pages filled with bitter memories. Centuries of residency in the city of Karachi, Amarkot, Muzaffarbad Mirpur and Noakhali were destroyed in no time for Hindu and Sikh in 1947. Willful ignorance or selective amnesia of historical facts brings repeated catastrophe for this section of an unconcerned society.

World is witnessing various fault lines. The resource on planet earth is becoming grossly insufficient to meet the healthy requirement of nearly 800 Cr human beings. Population is expanding. Food, Energy and Water insufficiency is set to fuel the restive nation. Preference and division on Religion, Race, Color, lineage and ancestry would be new normal.

Fault lines can be seen. Armed militia are emerging here and there. Never forget what happened a decade back during Arab Spring and who occupied the void in those countries. Wuhan virus has stagnated the otherwise exuberant commodity market and so the entire Middle East is treading cautiously. Danger of slowdown in Europe and the USA is challenging the Government welfare and national interest. Not a Single day goes by with violence in many South American countries.

This is a message of caution to all my beloved Indian immigrants. Must keep in your mind. Be thin skin and raise your bar to catch any dog whistling around your set up. Never uproot yourself from your ancestral homeland. New residency is not your motherland. Stay connected to the policy interest and society of your Motherland. 

Never forget, Jews could survive and enthrall only in Israel.  Who knows tomorrow?

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