In the previous article (part I) we discussed, how Audrey Truschke is no different than a modern-day neo-Nazi Holocaust denier, in this article we will further discuss other similarities Audrey share with the Holocaust deniers. (please read part 1 for better understanding and continuity)

Maurice Bardèche the first person to openly write after the end of World War II that he doubted the authenticity of the Holocaust in his 1948 book “Nuremberg or the Promised Land,” Bardèche is known as “the father-figure of Holocaust denial” followed by many others like. David Irving a British author who was later sent to Jail for manipulating the facts to distort History and lie about Holocaust. Harry Elmer Barnes, professor, and a mainstream American historian. 

David Leslie Hoggan an American professor of history, author of The Forced War: When Peaceful Revision Failed. Hoggan maintained a close association with various neo-Nazi and Holocaust denial groups and Jewish haters, a matter of fact all of these holocaust deniers maintained good relations and supported nazis and anti-Semites. No different in Audrey’s case, she maintains close relations and supports with Hindu-Haters and support for anti-India gang Arfa Sherwani, Sharjeel Imam, Umar Khalid, and many more. Interestingly ost of these Holocaust deniers comes from a background like authors, Historians, professors too many coincidences or rather similarities to someone we know. 

Deborah Lipstadt wrote a book in the year 1993 called “Denying the Holocaust” which named and criticized various Holocaust deniers, including British author David Irving. Irving filed a lawsuit against Lipstadt in 1996. Analyzing and citing the lawsuit in his report Professor Hajo Funk quotes that David Irving has aligned himself with others who are anti-Semite and pro-Nazi, including individuals such as Dr. Robert Faurisson, British-born French academic and Ernst Zündel German neo-Nazi publisher, similarly we had seen the “trained historian” holding alliance and support for Hindu haters and terrorist sympathizers and people who want to break India into pieces in the desire of Nizam-E-Mustafa is not an unknown fact.

Holocaust deniers were not limited to the Nazis but Islamist played their role in helping their step brothers-the Nazis’ in spreading the lie, an Islamic preacher Harun Yahya distributed thousands of copies of a book which was published, names SoykÄąrÄąm YalanÄą which means “The Holocaust Lie” he mailed unsolicited texts to American and European schools and colleges. Probably it’s time for the modern-day neo-Nazis to pay back their stepbrothers?

Further Professor Funke states, “for some of the modern-day extremists, the belief systems encompassed in Judeo-Christianity, Marxism and the idea of basic equality are themselves being the aggressor in the various genocide like the Celtic or Nordic traditions, the ‘justification’ for the ‘greatest genocide’ in history. Thus these extremists appeal to the peoples of the world to rejuvenate their unique cultural heritages and demand the basic right to be ‘different.’ But they forget their own history of committing several genocides throughout the world.” Like Audrey forgets the genocide of native Americans, atrocities on African Americans in the name of the Bible, cultural genocide of the Mayans, cleansing of indigenous African cultures by missionaries like her father-in-law who to date continue to deceive people to convert to Christianity around the world. 

He further explains the modern-day neo-nazi groups by stating, these groups often see parallels between themselves and similar groups. Examples of this are the present neo-Nazis, the revitalized neo-Nazi youth organization of the German National Democratic Party, the Young National Democrats, and others, similarly, modern-day Judeo-Christian Aurangzeb’s fangirl aligns, supports, and shares platforms with anyone who is anti-Hindu or has strong anti-Hindu sentiments including those groups and individuals who are in jail on sedition charges like Sharjeel Imam and any other anti-Hindu terrorist and criminals. 

If we analyze all of these similarities closely, it can probably be concluded that Audrey Trushkey’s fabricated claims, bias outrage, and phony Human rights claims are nothing but a living example of someone similar to a modern-day neo-Nazi and Audrey is indeed a Hindu-Holocaust denier and her love and support for the anti-Hindu lobby is nothing but mutual hate against Hindus.

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