Despite the huge backlash on their earlier advertisement of promoting love jihad, Tatas are here with one more advertisement, trying to impose some more moral policing on Diwali. This is because the trend has been such for so long. Whenever any Hindu festival comes, Governments, NGOs, Corporates, Bollywood, Social Media, Media, Social Activists, Celebrities, and Judge Saheb comes up with their fatwas. 

Fatwas are basically an Islamic law ruling where the whole Mullah community has to abide by the rogue statement issued by the radical Mullahs and Maulavies. This is what Hindus are facing on each of their festivals. The social institutions have turned Maulavies to issue various fatwas with the hidden agenda of jihadi moral propagation on Hindu festivals. They find some or other issues with Hindu festivals. In contrast, they have no problems with openly anti-social and anti-environment animal sacrifices done in other religions in the name of celebrations.

The recent fatwa on Diwali is about the crackers. Several states have banned the crackers, despite the loss of employment and business associated with it. They don’t have any concerns about unemployment, capital loss, and Hindu sentiments. Akshay Kumar, Volvo, Tatas, Tanishq, Judge Saheb, state governments have already issued their fatwa on Diwali crackers. Hindus are waiting for many more fatwas to come, but they know what to do when such fatwas hit their morals.

Tatas have faced a massive backlash in their last Ektavyam advertisement. We are sure the issue would have certainly come to the notice of Ratan Tata. Many national and international level media groups have cautioned Tatas against more of such ads. Hindus even demanded the resignation of the marketing chief who has got those love jihad ads designed and launched. 

But, instead of refraining from more of such moral policing ads on Hindu festivals, Tatas have launched one more such ad on Diwali. We guess Ratan Tata and his Tata group could be the new jihadists in the town.

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