Please Everyone, Arnab is in trouble. This is the time to do whatever we can for Arnab. He has been a voice for us in this otherwise voiceless India. He roared his heart out to make the right people win elections to help India and Indians. He fought for us, he fought for those who are in power to help empower all of us to bring India into some sort of normalcy from all the chaos and conflicts afflicting our Nation.
His patriotism is unmatched. He spoke for the armed forces, for the govt, against criminal activities. He enlightened and empowered us to understand each and every issue the Nation was going through.

A man who stood by the country today is being treated like a criminal. If we don’t raise our voice, we are his traitors too. Now it’s our turn to respond strongly, sincerely in which ever way possible to influence, speak, write or act on his behalf.

Do whatever you can please, each and everyone of us have to take responsibility, and not allow another injustice to happen to a person who worked for everyone’s justice .

His wife has beseeched to all the agencies and law and order machinery to do everything possible to ensure his safety and get him bail. We have to stand by him, for him just the way his channel, team, friends and well placed personalities are speaking and acting on his behalf.

This is a very difficult day for all of us who follow him and admire him. We couldn’t do anything for Sushant because we were unaware, but about Arnab, we are and have been with him on this difficult journey all these months .

Let us respect him and respect ourselves by forgetting every difference of opinion ,caste creed, religion, region and politics to do whatever we can with full responsibility.
Do what you can, since today is the day things can change and will change if we stand by him relentlessly, the way he stood by the Nation resiliently.

Empowered people have let him down terribly and instead of wasting time questioning their inefficiency and irresponsibility, let us, each one of us, do what we can to the maximum.

Please get inspired by General Bakshi and the Republic TV channel’s team, who have stood by him like a rock. Salute each and everyone of them for their chin-up spirit.

Thank you everyone who have done ,who are doing and will do whatever is utmost essential in helping Arnab get bail. He doesn’t deserve this backstab which he received from the empowered sources, from us, his Indian viewers and ardent supporters too.?

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