I saw Miss Sriishti Jaswal , play victim over the reaction she faced last year for the above mentioned tweet .


So here is my question to you Miss Victim playing bigoted hateful content posting HYPOCRITE, why ONLY post about Hinduism, that too after misunderstanding our holy texts . If you truly are a feminist who has issues with rape , molestation , f*ckbois , etc. then highlight issues in EVERY religion . Why SELECTIVELY target Hinduism ,like very other woke, seccular , liberal , feminist ?

Yes Krishna flirted with women , had his share of consensual affair(without lying about his religion and name) . It was hardly a secret .

Why NOT discuss the fact that a 50 year old Mohammed marry a 6 year old Ayesha and have sex with her when she was 9 ?

How old was Muhammad when he married Aisha? How old was Aisha? - Quora

Here are some verses from Bible , which allow various crimes .

Incest in the Bible
Bible verses explained?
The Narrator on Twitter: "- Nahor and Milcah(Genesis 11:29) - Reuben and  Bilhah(Genesis 35:22, Genesis 49:4) - Judah and Tamar(Genesis 38:16-18) -  Amram and Jochebed(Exodus 6:20) Above image is a depiction of,
Pin on Muhammad SAW
IMAM SAYS MARRYING CHILDREN IS OK BECAUSE “PROPHET MUHAMMAD DID SO" Elma.  Riyadh 1 Saudi Arabia's religious leader. Sheikh Ahdulaziz Al Asheikh. said  on national TV yesterday that he did not condemn

Strange that you DARE not discuss and criticize much worse evil on other religions but as always TARGET and criticize Hinduism (in the most despicable and uncouth language possible , showing your class , upbringing and education or rather the lack of it) .

Krishna never raped anyone, he never molested anyone . Had forceful relationship with anyone . He had 8 marriages , all legal and consensual (which was a norm in those days) .

Here is the reality of 16000 wives of Krishna, the women he liberated from an evil King and listened to their pleas and helped them get protection by marrying them legally to ensure that no one harms them.


Story of 16,100 wives

Narakasura=Naraka+asura; naraka was his name, naraka also means hell, he is considered the son of mother earth thus called Bhaumasura (son of bhumi, bhumi=earth). Asura means demon.

the demon king Naraka had kidnapped 16,100 (some sources say 16,000 probably for the sake of ease) women and held them in his captivity in his capital Pragjyotisha.

Naraka had stolen the ear-rings of Aditi (daughter of brahma, first nascent being), her sons demigods were unable to fight against Naraka. Upon their request krishna along with his wife Sathyabhama attacked Pragjyotisha on his vehicle Garuda (eagle) and fought a fierce battle against the demons, in that war many powerful demons were slayed by krishna. Most important of those were Mura and Naraka. 

(Narakasura had the curse of being killed by his own mother, Sathyabhama is considered the incarnation of Mother earth, thus she killed Narakasura)

After killing Naraka, krishna released 16,100 women that Narakasura had in captivity. When krishna asked them to return to their houses, they refused. They were aware that the society of that age would not take back those who were taken by another man. So they were left with nowhere to go.

When Krishna asked them what they wanted to do, they all wanted Krishna to marry them.

Krishna married them all at the same auspicious time assuming that many bodies, so they could gain status of married women and live in the society with honor again. Krishna constructed them each a palace with huge gardens ful of colorful flowers, It was impossible to live with each of them so he created 16100 forms of himself so that he could treat them all in the same manner as his 8 wives. Scriptures say that each of them had 10 sons and 1 daughter.

So not only were you spreading lies , you were selectively targeting Hinduism , which has become a hallmark to qualify as a woke , secular , liberal feminist .

Try Harder. No one is buying your nonsense and fake victim playing drama.

Just because we Hindus are non violent and don’t give threats like “Sar Tan se Juda” etc. does not mean you test our patience . We will call you out for what you are . Expose you and you will face the reaction for your actions . SIMPLE . Which are all planned acts, tweets knowing fully well that they will attract reaction from hindus and then you will get to play victim and get elevated in Liberal ecosystem ,almost a rite of passage . Tried and tested short cut to fame, money and promotion in Liberal ecosystem. Bait , get famous and elevate . Sop predictable and unoriginal.


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