The baby penguin is so naive, it thinks it is going to be king lion. Very little does it know the lion seal is waiting to bite? So baby penguin goes to penguin police. The penguin police try to arrest senior penguin. Then the baby penguin starts crying. The reason for this small little baby penguin to cry was a sudden stroke of reality that made him realize that he is after all memeable. Yes, you heard it right, the mighty baby penguin finally got mocked and was called a baby penguin. This might have shattered his ego if he was even a little bit brainy. But a the contrary what we see is baby penguin starts throwing tantrums and calls again his penguin police, the very same penguin police that failed to solve a lynching of saffron penguins. Very little does this toddler baby penguin knew that memers cannot be stopped. He forgot that the lion seal is just around the corner. He forgot that the lion seal will not spare him. He forgot that satire cannot be stoped. He never imagined someone will write a piece on him and everyone will understand the article and will mock at his stupidity more which is multiplied by this baby penguin’s foolery. 

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