One thing i really like about Muslims or any other community is “Religious Unity”. When it comes to their religion they all are united but it’s not same with Hindus. It is very easy to target a religion where people are not united.

The problem is not with comedians, it’s with Hindus. They will do what makes them famous and get them money.

If you make fun of Prophet, you will get death threat and there is a high chances of getting killed. But, if you make fun of Bhagwan Ram, then you will get famous and will make more money because there are many Hindus who endorse these cheap trick just to look cool or for their own benefit. They can sell even their mother for money.

I have seen many cases where Hindus are making fun of Hindu Gods in front of Hindu audience. The people who are promoting these comedians are also Hindus. Example; Sanjay Rajoura a Hindu(Fake) was seen making fun of Bhagwan Ganesha in front of Ravish Kumar who is also a Hindu(Fake) but did not object.

I am sure most of the Hindus are tolerant so they will not use any violent way against them. The only way is to fight against them legally and financially. Take legal action against them, make people aware about their hidden agenda and encourage people to avoid watching their shows. Thanks

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