When whole India was under the clutches of slavery and was struggling with social evils, one philosopher and social reformer realized the importance of Vedas in Hinduism and said to move back to Vedas.

Swami Dayanand Sarasvati openly challenged not only Mughals and Christians but also Buddhists and Jains and promoted Vedas.

Why Mughals are so intolerant towards the non-believers of Islams?

Why not to follow any other religion than Islam?

Why to kill innocent ones for meat?

Why Bible contains so many immoral prospects?

Why no scientific aspects in Buddhism and Jainism?

There were several questions which were raised by Dayanand Sarasvati and remained unanswerable by the people. On the other hand he promoted the scientific importance of Vedas. He discerned how the Vedas contain the message of equality, parity and several reforms, philosophy and doctrines of morality.

SUDDHI MOVEMENT of Dayanand was meant to bring back the converted Hindus from Islam and Christianity. Today again when the conversion is being practiced on large scale in some parts of India, we need another Dayanand Sarasvati, or I can say we should become another Dayanand Sarasvati for the sake of country and religion.

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