Baneshwar festival is a popular tribal Rajasthan festival held in the town of Baneshwar in the Dungarpur District of Rajasthan.

When Baneshwar Festival is being celebrated?

Baneshwar festival is celebrated in February.

Where Baneshwar Festival is being celebrated?

Baneshwar is a small delta formed by the river of Soma and is found 68 km from Dungarpur. The Festival is organized in the Baneshwar temple of Dungarpur,

How Baneshwar Festival is being celebrated?

Lord Shiva is also called Baneshwar and that is why this festival is dedicated to him. The festival unlike others is celebrated to pay respect to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu through traditional rituals. It is a major attraction for tribals (especially Bhils) and tourists alike. Earlier, two fairs were held with each pair being dedicated to one God. But, in the present day, only one fair is held where processions are carried out from morning till night.

The festival is of most significance to the Bhils tribe. The tribe comes here from Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh to take a holy dip at the convergence of Mahi and Som Rivers.

The fair spans 5 days with each day being more action-packed than any other. The fair also holds multiple events such as magic shows, acrobatic performances, animal shows, and much more.


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