It is Devi who will dictate what she wants. It is Shastras that inform what Devi wants. But modern Hindus, the self-appointed custodians of Dharma with no knowledge of Shastras are always ready with their bag of high “moral principles” to decide what God wants.


‘No God wants to kill their own creatures’, said Rahul who updated his Instagram stories a couple of days ago of being an atheist but with the arrival of Navratri, Rahul has suddenly turned into a devotee of Devi and now he is well-informed of the likes and dislikes of Devi. Rahul must be taught that according to Shastras, the sacrificed animal attains Mukti and therefore Pashubali does not come under the category of violence. Now the bigger question lies if Rahul has so much love for animals, why do you want his soul to attain Mukti?


Some Hindus with limited knowledge of scriptures too raise their fingers upon Balipratha. They come up with their point of Sanatan Dharma being a faith that has roots of Ahimsa. But Pashubali must not be kept under the bracket of Hinsa (Violence). Pashubali has Shastra backing which turns down all the arguments made against the Pratha.


In the 12th chapter of Chandipath, Devi speaks to her devotees.


jānatājānatā vāpi bali pūjāṃ tathā kṛtām| pratīkśhiśhyāmyahaṃ prītyā vahni homaṃ tathā kṛtam


Which translates to “I will accept with love the bali and puja that are offered to me”.


In Kalikapuran too, Pashubali has been not been sanctioned. Also Balipriya is one of the many name of Devi.


Recently thee Durga Temple in Begusarai abolishes 700 year old tradition of Pashubali during Navratri. The temple in located in Lakhanpur, Bhagwanpur block, about 33 km from Begusarai district headquarters. The temple is of the oldest temples standing in the district. Every year Pashubali was carried out at the temple during Navratri and this tradition was being followed for more than 700 years. But this year, the 700-year-old tradition of animal sacrifice will be broken here because of the woke attitude which Hindus have insulated within themselves. Now, instead of animals, devotees will sacrifice vegetables and fruits like pumpkin and sugarcane for Devi.


These type of example are dangerous for Hindus and Sanatan Dharma. Therefore Self appointed custodians of Dharma with no knowledge of Shastras must stop lecturing on Balipratha.








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