Gandhi, Patel, and Nehru, died under the burden of this lie and even imposed it on the country; you are doing the same now.

Only a foolish Hindu can do this. Prithviraj Chouhan did it; Marathas did it by fighting among themselves; Gandhi, Patel and Nehru did it; now our beloved Lok Nayak, Jananayak, Vikas Purush and the great leader and the most successful Prime Minister of the country Shri Narendra Modi does the same.

There is an imminent threat facing the nation and they are still playing the trumpet of ‘Sab ka saath, sab ka vikaas, sab ka vishwas’. It is this ostrich mentality that allowed the cancer of Islamism within Indian body politic to expand and flourish instead of getting uprooted and destroyed.

You win elections in the name of ‘justice for all, appeasement of none’; your slogans change as soon as you come to power.

Such ‘appeasement’ should have ended with partition of our nation in 1947 on religious lines. Before independence Jinnah and Churchill repeatedly reminded to the world that Gandhi, Patel, Nehru, and the Congress were the leaders of the Hindus alone. With the help of Hindu votes Congress formed provincial governments; a few Muslims from Congress won the seats reserved for Muslims. The North-West Frontier Province also finally went with Jinnah in the name of Islamism. But Congress and Gandhi kept playing the game of appeasement. Maulana Azad was made the president of Congress to prove to the British “look how ‘secular’ we are; we also represent Muslims’.

Muslims made Maulana Azad an outcast.

Yet Gandhi, Patel, and Nehru continued to carry Maulana and many other Muslim leaders on their heads. It didn’t help. The Jihadis got their Pakistan and continued to sit on our heads. The nation must thank and express its gratitude to Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, Gopinath Bardolai and Sikhs. If they had not fought hard, according to the Cabinet Mission Plan, Jinnah would have taken the whole of Bengal, Assam, the Punjab, Sindh, and NWFP. Gandhi, Patel, Nehru and the Congress had already passed the resolution accepting the devious Plan of the British.

If it were not for the cowardly Gandhi and the Congress, India would not have been partitioned.

Non-violent Gandhi and his disciples were terrified of bloodshed. Jinnah and Jihadis knew this. Hindus and Sikhs were ready to fight. The Jihadis would initiate riots and mayhem, but Hindus and Sikhs would end it inflicting serious damage to the Jihadi forces. The riots in Calcutta on Direct Action Day (16 August 1946) were started by the Jihadis but Hindus and Sikhs fought back in the Jihadi ruled Bengal. Noakhali was responded to in Bihar equally and more ferociously. If Sikhs and Hindus had not fought back in Amritsar and many other towns, the whole of the Punjab would have been part of Pakistan.

The constant assertion that Sardar Patel brought the princely states within the Indian union is a big lie. The kings, princes and nawabs merged in India under the pressure of their Hindu subjects. Jammu and Kashmir that had a majority population of Muslims became ‘disputed territory, and Muslim leaders had to be placated in all kinds of ways to win their support. If Junagadh, Hyderabad, Mysore, Cochin, Bhopal, and Jodhpur had not had Hindu majority, today’s Karnataka, Andhra, Telangana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala states won’t have been part of the map of India. That’s nearly half of our nation gone.

It’s the unity of Hindus that saved India and ensured its present geo-political shape. Giving credit to Gandhi, Patel, Nehru, and the Congress for that is a fraudulent act. And the Muslims who claim that they had a hand in the creation of present day India are equally crooked and dishonest. They partitioned this country and will not hesitate to do it again. They never had any stake in the unity and integrity of India and will never have.

Gandhi, Patel and Nehru also knew this reality.

But they refused to admit. It’s not that they actually abhorred violence and use of force. They were not intensely democratic in their thinking either. Nehru did not forbid Sardar Patel to send troops to Junagadh and Hyderabad. He, in fact, urged Sardar Patel to go for it. Nehru celebrated the sweet success of Operation Polo. Gandhi didn’t go on fast on the issue of Junagadh. In fact, Congress leaders took full advantage of Hindu unity and polarization but when there was a debate in the Constituent Assembly, the game of appeasement would begin.

In their long flowery speeches, the learned among Congress leaders would constantly talk of the 5,000-year-old Indian civilization, but would add ‘Saab Ka Saath, Saab Ka Vishwas’ and the tail of secularism to the discourse. The Objective Resolution was proposed in the Constituent Assembly by Nehru. In order to satisfy the Muslim League and the British, special rights and privileges were given to the religious minorities. Congress was apparently trying to prevent the partition of India that it had already agreed to by approving the Cabinet Mission Plan. The country was  finally divided on religious lines but the special rights of the minorities remained, making Hindus second-class citizens forever.  

This drama did not stop. Even after the independence and partition of the country, we continued to showcase to the world how Muslims continue to live in a Hindu India peacefully and happily.

Whenever there was talk of Kashmir, Muslims were sent to represent India’s side in the United Nations. If there was a conference of Muslim countries, Muslim representatives would be sent from India. What was the compulsion to put a Muslim dressing on the Hindu motichur laddu? The Muslim countries also understood this drama and would brush aside the charade, “We do not consider you Muslims; don’t bug us”. We still continued to send Fakhru Mians and Mulla Hamid Ansaris in their nawabi achkan and churidar, with furry Kashmiri caps adorning their bald pates, to attend Arab and Iranian courts.

After 1946-47, it has become more than clear that India exists due to Hindus alone. The Jihadis cannot be allowed to compromise the integrity and unity of India. A smattering of nationalist Muslims, who are proud of their Hindu civilization, culture, and heritage, are our own people. The others, when the opportunity arises, will readily raise the flag of Islamic nationalism yet again just the way they did in 1946-47. The policies and strategic moves of the Republic of India must be determined keeping this stark reality in mind.

But time and again we return to ‘appeasement’ politics just to keep ‘them’ happy. Why?

Can you buy patriotism and loyalty to the country by distributing scholarships, freebies and funding of Islamic seminaries by spending thousands of crores of public money? Can you buy the loyalty of scholars of Urdu and Islam by inserting them in the administrative services? We have been doing the same in Kashmir and other states for 70 years. What came out of it? Zilch. Freeloading Muslim leaders, Maulanas, and educated Muslims continued to blackmail the Indian state using known Islamist ‘tactics’ of violence and terror. They knew if they joined the main stream, they would get nothing. Keep wielding the sword of separatism, Hindus will continue to pay jizya and we will have a ball at their cost.

The appeasement politics also gave a fillip to regional, ethnic, and caste divisions among Hindus. The larger Hindu interests and causes such as freeing of Hindu temples from Islamist/govt. occupation, restoring them, re-writing history, and establishing an indigenous education system were ignored by the Indian state. However, political parties, for electoral gains, were willing to appease sections of the divided Hindu body politic in the name of caste and ethnicity. This set a dangerous trend. The ancient caste-clan fault-lines were deepened and the Hindu monolith was fractured and weakened. The Islamists exploited this yet again to their advantage and Muslim votes became electorally significant. They knew it was easy to divide Hindus than to unite them. They continue to work stealthily at this strategy. You can deal with a few crooked vile individuals but how do you deal with the villainy of an entire community?

Some enlightened Hindu logicians argue that there are 200 million Muslims, they cannot be thrown out.

Who is talking about throwing them out? They can stay truly loyal to this country and land. Hindus do not even get tired of saying, ‘O Muslims of India, you are our brothers, you were born from the womb of Mother India, you have changed your religion, but the blood is the same.’ Why cannot they stay as the rest of people live? Why cannot they accept the reality that they are part of the grand Indian civilization and culture? Why cannot they consider this nation as their own, nurture and beautify it, and share its joys and sorrows as equals? Why must they resort to insidious subterfuge, dream of creating a monotheistic monolithic Islamic state in this pluralist colourful land that celebrates diversity? These are the questions they must answer.

Were there not Muslims living in the Maratha and Sikh empires? 80% of the population of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s empire were Muslims.

Even at that time, 80% of the people in the Kashmir valley were Muslims, who were the subjects of the Dogra kings. All lived peacefully with the milk of love flowing aplenty. Those who turned to Jihadi separatism, the sharp swords of the Sikh and Dogra warriors would ensure they behaved well. In the Maratha Empire, the Maratha army used to protect Muslim badshahs and nawabs from external attacks and collect chauth from them. So, it’s foolish to think that if there are 200 millions of Muslims, they must be ‘appeased’ to make them live happily with a billion Hindus.  

What you need here is an iron hand willing to wield the strong and sharp sword of the Indian State when the need arises.

The Islamists must be told whether they accept it or not, that India is a Hindu nation and the Indian Constitution is basically a ‘Hindu’ Constitution and no inspiration was taken from Sharia in its drafting. Accept this, integrate with the mainstream Indian society, live your life sharing joys and sorrows like other sons and daughters of mother India, and stop eulogizing  Khilji, Babur, Timur, Akbar, and Aurangzeb nursing dreams of Jihad, Gajwa-e-Hind, and Azadi. If you won’t, you will be held guilty of treason and undermining the Indian state.

Even the Constituent Assembly debates adequately amplify this reality and none other than Jawahar Lal Nehru, the beloved leader of all crypto-Islamists and left liberal crooks, stated it in clear terms while presenting the ‘Objective Resolution’ that later formed the preamble of the Indian Constitution on 13th December 1946.

 “As I stand here, Sir, I feel the weight of all manner of things crowding around me. We are at the end of an era and possibly very soon we shall embark upon a new age; and my mind goes back to the great past of India to the 5,000 years of India’s history, from the very dawn of that history which might be considered almost the dawn of human history, till today. All that past crowds around me and exhilarates me and, at the same time, somewhat oppresses me. Am I worthy of that past? When I think also of the future, the greater future I hope, standing on this sword’s edge of the present between this mighty past and the mightier future, I tremble a little and feel overwhelmed by this mighty task.”

Nehru reiterated this fact a few years later while addressing the Convocation Ceremony at the Aligarh Muslim University on 24th January 1948.

“I have said that I was proud of our inheritance and our ancestors who gave an intellectual and cultural pre-eminence to India. How do you feel about this past? Do you feel that you are also sharers in it and inheritors of it and, therefore, proud that it belongs to you as much as to me? Or do you feel alien to it and pass it by without understanding it or feeling that strange thrill which comes from the realisation that we are the trustees and inheritors of this vast treasure? I ask you these questions because in recent years many forces have been at play diverting people’s minds into wrong channels and trying to pervert the course of history. You are Muslims and I’m a Hindu. We may adhere to different religious faiths or even to none; but that does not take away from that cultural inheritance that is yours as well as mine. That past holds us together; why should the present or the future divide us in spirit?”

He was clearly reminding his essentially Muslim audience that the new post-independence India will cherish and be guided by the Hindu spiritual, intellectual, and cultural legacies. He certainly was not talking about the legacy of Khilji, Babur, Akbar and Aurangzeb. He was also reminding those young students of their shared Hindu ancestry.        

If you question India’s sovereignty, geo-political integrity, and its ancient pluralist culture, you are a traitor and must be treated and dealt with as one.

If you don’t accept this simple rule, go somewhere else; don’t make this country a hell. If you indulge in nonsense like Jihad and conspire against the nation, you will be tried and hanged without an iota of mercy. If you want to save yourself from the wrath of the Indian state, stay disciplined, and accept the supremacy of the Indian/Hindu constitution and not of Quran or Islam. There will be no compromise. Even if you are in majority in an Indian village, district, or state, it hardly matters. You live in the Indian territory under Indian rule. If you talk about dividing India again and/or imposing Sharia law in Muslim-majority areas, you will either rot in jail or will be thrown out of India or sentenced to death.

Gandhian Gujarati baniagiri must stop.

There is no justification for the Ministry of Minority Affairs in this country. If this country is truly divided on the basis of sect, creed, language, race, and caste, all will be minorities except probably Muslims. This is how Muslims continue to play a decisive role in electoral politics. This is an old game, Jinnah also used to create Muslim-Dalit axis. As soon as Pakistan came into existences, the killing and forced conversions of dalits, who chose not to migrate to India, became rampant. Such conspiracies and subterfuges must not be tolerated. It’s a blatant abuse and undermining of our democratic system and the Constitution of India. All such ‘Breaking India’ forces and ideologies have to be confronted at every level, fiercely opposed, and crushed ruthlessly using every arm of the Indian state.

The mantra “Bhay Bin Hoye Na Preet” will be more effective for India’s internal security, not so much for China.

This mantra is still working in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and Gujarat. Javed Akhtar, Aamir Khan, Owaisi, Madoodi, and all others must be made to appreciate that if they have to live safely and happily in this land, they must keep the Islamist lumpen under control. If the Islamists fear anything it’s the spectre of Hindu unity. As long as it’s there, we can rest assured that Islamists will be well behaved. The overtly passionate and agitated mullahs and maulanas will cool down, and keep the lumpen under control; appeasement and kid-glove treatment only emboldens them.

Hindus think that it’s their government and thus will protect their interest and keep anti-India/Hindu forces under surveillance and control. They don’t create mayhem on streets, plant bombs and organise resistance to the well co-ordinated Chrislam-o-Commie onslaught. 

But what will happen if the administration, the judiciary and the police are infested with Jihadis, all trained and funded by the Zakat Foundation, and left-liberal Commie crooks from JNU and Jamia? Who will protect Hindus? Who will save their daughters from humiliation and rape? If they go to the police station, a jihadi police officer will put them in jail and advise them to follow Sharia law. The Zakat Foundation will provide legal assistance to Muslim criminals and murderers. The leftist judge will ask Hindus to read and distribute Quran. BJP’s social media cell will go silent; Mohan Bhagwat will look the other way as the government is run by a swayamsevak who respects him. The incompetent, intellectually inept, unprincipled pacifists and cowardly swayamsevaks like Devendra Fadnavis, Raghubar Das, Prakash Javdekar, Pokhariyal, etc. become Chief Ministers and Ministers. They fight shy of protecting Hindu interests and pursue ‘appeasement politics’ with greater vigour in the name of ‘…Sab Ka Vishwas’.  They become more secular than the secularists and begin ruling by the letter of the Constitution rather than its spirit.  The Sangh Parivar that came to exist as the voice and will of Hindus turns mute and impotent, leaving Hindus high and dry.

2020 is so much like 1946. The leaders who came to power on the strength of Hindu unity are dancing to the tune of ‘Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas, Sab Ka Vishwas’ these days. I thought I should remind them of the past and the disastrous consequences of this approach since they seem to have forgotten it.

Rajesh Kumar Singh

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