Just saw the Hindu outrage over the tweets of some fellow who wrote India Pakistan fransip tweets , a la Ama ki Aasha type nonsense.

And as expected all Hindus jumped in , giving it back , countering him .

Do you even realize how you fall into their planned agenda. By engaging with this nobody, you are making him famous, which is precisely what they want, why they write these clickbait-type tweets in the first place.

These people want to become famous . They have no knowledge , IQ , any quality to get famous , so what do they do ? Well revert to the tried and tested formula of making Hindus angry, which will gove them the free publicity which they want . They will keep doing that on repeat till they get noticed by Congress, AAP , Soros funded NGOs, get interviewed by NDTV types, get to write columns ,get interviewed by NYT etc.

Foolish Hindus , don’t you see it , the joke is on you . Whio knew Kunal Kamra, Sanjukta Basu , Swara Bhasker , Saket Gokhale , Ashok Swain before twitter and their anti Modi, Hindu , RSS, BJP rants ? NO ONE . thanks to your engagement and counters by thousands to day they enjoy elite status among the loony lefties . They have jobs , well paid ones to write columns , collect funds via crowdfunding blah blah .

Just ignore these attention seekers and wannabees. By engaging with them you just just giving them wat they want , ATTENTION and FREE PUBLICITY .

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