It is one thing for the Liberals to cheer the victory of Joe Biden, but one doesn’t understand why the cardholders of Commie-jihadi axis are celebrating as if their own man now occupies the White House. Joe might be a lot of unpleasant things, but he is certainly not a closet convert, certainly not a sympathizer of Global Jihad and cannot be a member of Chinese Communist Party. While Democrat leaders like Ilhan Omar and AOC have reason to rejoice, why is Rana Ayub celebrating?

Biden is not a leftist, is not a supporter of Antifa and definitely not an anarchist. Black lives might matter more to him than they did to Trump. He might be a dove on immigration. He might come across as possessing a more humanitarian outlook. But talking nice and being nice are not one and the same thing. Biden would not be able to change the attitude of law enforcement, or control guns, even if he wants. He is not going to open America’s doors or his own arms for the incoming Mexicans, Pakis and Indians, legally or illegally. Muslim immigration is tightly controlled and would remain so. Even on work and business visas, his stand is not going to be much different than his predecessor.

Biden is neither inspirational like Obama, nor has the charisma of Clinton. Liberals are making him out to be saviour of American language and manners. Biden does possess more control over his vocabulary and grammar than Dubya and Orange. His toilet humour might not set the loo on fire like Trump’s does, but his touchy-feely antics do hold Clintonesque promise of scandal. Uncle Joe might have to wear a straitjacket if he is to avoid controversy, and hope that his past does not catch up with him.

Biden might not glue the adjective ‘Islamic’ before Jihad or terrorism, but cannot actually afford to be soft on terror. That is a given, and incidents like in France and Austria keep serving timely warnings. US is the Great Satan, every jihadi’s dream target, and Biden knows it quite too well. Any laxity on that count and it would be deluge.

Biden might not rant everyday on TWITTER, or call out the ‘LAMESTREAM media’ for their ‘FAKE news’ but even he knows how the MSM and social media try to dictate policy and must be kept at arm’s length to avoid their veto over initiatives. The Clinton News Network might have finally beaten Trump, but that’s about it.

Democrats have ever been non-proliferation aytatollahs. Carter and Clinton burnt many bridges with hawkish stands on the matter. Obama was practical, Biden is more so. He might go a tad soft on Iran, but might not budge as much as Trump did on North Korea. Iran expects Biden to go soft on them, but that is where Israel’s pressure might keep the US administration in line.

As for technological cooperation with India, he might not have much choice. India is now the frontline state against China. No US administration can afford to ignore this. If the US mollycoddled a crooked, failed state like Pakistan for being the so-called frontline state against Russia and in their war against terror, India sits on a much higher plane of responsibility and credibility. India is not a winter overcoat to be discarded in summer, rather more like your morality and good sense that you must always keep about yourself.

As far as Biden’s or Kamla Harris’ views on Kashmir are concerned, rest assured, India is no pushover. The likes of Ilhan Omar or Pramila Jaypal are not going to run policy on Kashmir. Clinton Administration used to publish Indian maps without depicting the whole of Kashmir. India has survived extreme US hostility, and knows well how to play the diplomatic and strategic game. Indian Islamo-Bolsheviks would do well to tone down their expectations which seem to be soaring quite high amid all the euphoria on Trump’s defeat. Besides no country, nor even the UN, can tell India to go easy against Islamic terrorism. Amit Shah, Doval and the Armed forces would continue with as much relentlessness as before.

The Biden- Harris administration might not be as paly as Trump was with Netanyahu, but dare not breach the basic consensus and risk the ire of Jews. In fact, Harris is a big Israeli supporter. Palestinian and the Arab word stands to gain nothing, the Muslim street must not expect neither the sun nor the moon from them. Turkey, Iran and Pakistan being rogue states have already tied American hands.

Biden is not a closet convert, or a wannabe. He is a man who specializes in cutting deals, promoting his family, winning elections and occupying public offices. Biden knows how to keep extremist elements like Bernie Sanders, Ilhan Omar, AOC, Rasheeda Taleb and other loony socialists and jihadist sympathizers under control.  A Democratic victory might make life a tad difficult for Right-wing governments across the world, and there is certainly an opening for liberals there, but whether the Islamo-Bolsheviks would make any gains is highly unlikely.

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