From the inception of Islam, Prophet Mohammad had enjoined his followers to spread Islam as their religious duty  in the whole world by offering non-Muslims a choice to either convert or be killed by their sword. The Quran which is considered as the voice of Allah contains several verses which makes it mandatory on its followers to wage a holy war (jihad) against non-Muslim idolators and kitabias (people of the book i.e. Christians, Jews) to establish the rule of Islam all over the world.

This principle was followed by every Islamic invader right from life and times of Mohammad till this modern age. Every Islamic invader who set his foot on India used terror and genocide as a policy to gain territory and spread Islam. The Zoroastrian Parsis, original inhabitants of Persia (the modern Iran) were completely wiped out of Iran by the Islamic invaders, they were given refuge in the 8th Century by a Hindu King of Gujarat. The Jews were massacred and exterminated from Mecca during the lifetime of Prophet Mohammad himself.

Even today we have various fundamentalist jihadist organisations world over and in India taking scores of lives of people for the sake of spreading Islam or hatred for the other faiths of the world taking inspiration from the verses in Quran and Hadiths ordering the Muslims to massacre Kafirs (non-believers of Islam). Since for the past 1400 years the Indic civilization has faced the most brutal onslaught of Islamic Jihad with the culmination of partition of India on the basis of religion, an attempt was made in 1985 by Chandmal Chopra and Himangshu Kishore Chakraborty for banning the Quran in India, by filing a petition in the Calcutta High Court. This petition is famously referred to as the Calcutta Quran Petition this petition was dismissed summarily by the High Court without even going through the facts of the case or even cursorily examining the verses in Quran which calls for annihilation of all other faiths, causing violent mayhem across the world and being in gross violation of the fundamental right to freedom of religion, belief and conscience.  

Recently, in December 2020 a Public Interest Litigation has been filed by a brave reformist Advocate Karunesh Kumar Shukla before the Supreme Court of India against some verses in Quran which are ‘global threat to humanity’. The young advocate’s plea contends that these verses teach the young Muslims that it is religiously sanctioned to “assassinate and kill people of other faith especially the idol worshippers”. These teachings threaten the very existence and safety of Hindu community in India which is a patent violation of Right to Life under Article 21 and Right to practice individual religion and faith under Articles 25 and 26 of the Constitution of India.

These toxic provisions of the holy book for Muslims written in the Medieval Age are now misused by clergymen to radicalise young impressionable children many of whom grow up to become terrorists and massacre millions of innocent men, women and children of other faiths. In fact, this hate spewing verses are also used by Sunni Islamic fundamentalists to kill Muslims belonging to other denominations such as Ahmadiyas or Muslims who advocate reform in the Medieval holy text to save radical Islam from destroying civilized society.

It is pertinent to note that even in this modern era, the provisions in the Quran to kill apostates and blasphemes have been used as a sanction to commit dastardly murders of Muslims and people of other faith who dare to criticize these controversial verses and Hadiths. The recent murders of Kamlesh Tiwari in Uttar Pradesh, French school teacher Samuel Paty, rationalist H Farook in Tamil Nadu and many others just proves this point. Radical Islamic terrorism ethnically cleansed Hindus from Kashmir in an independent secular India with the powers that be in India being mute spectators despite its commitment to the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

The situation is quite alarming as there is systematic multi-pronged strategy to overwhelm non-Muslims by demographic invasion, terrorise by killings to force conversions & silence dissent and funnily play the victim card of being persecuted by non-Muslims in non-Islamic states, like India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar etc to extract special provisions which would aid more conversions to Islam.  

The petitioner has prayed to the Supreme Court to direct the Central and State Governments and various authorities for monitoring and abolishing the practice and teaching of these poisonous verses in Islamic seminaries as it is a direct violation of fundamental right to life of every citizen of India and casts huge apprehension of law and public order.

The petition further stated that it is the fundamental duty of the state to protect its citizens and no person should be permitted to preach holy verses which advocates to take away someone else’s life, under the protective umbrella of Article 25 and 26 of the Constitution.

The petitioner quotes a verse from the Quran which is given below: –

“And when the forbidden months have passed, kill the polytheists wherever you find them and take them prisoners, and beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they repent and observe Prayer and pay the Zakat, then leave their way free. Surely, Allah is Most Forgiving, Merciful.” – the plea quotes a verse from Quran

It was stated by the petitioner that the Constitution of India gives us the right to live, but the verse of the Quran considers people who follow other religions as infidels for not accepting Islam. Polytheistic or idolaters are allowed to live if they repent, observe prayers to Allah and pay the Zakat. That is if they agree to convert to Islam, they are allowed to live freely otherwise they will have to face death by ambush and imprisonment.

According to the petitioner, the highly controversial statement of Quran that reads “Kafiro (Polytheist/ idolaters/ who don’t believe in “Kalima”) Ko Maar Do” is followed by many followers of the holy book. The statement gives religious sanction to Muslim community to kill people of other religions. It also orders every one to strictly obey the Quran and any community which does not subscribe to Quran is liable to be killed by the followers of Quran.

The petitioner thus pointed out that teachings also violate the right to fair education and right to life innocent Muslim children whose minds are polluted getting polluted and mislead. Muslim children who are exposed to such teachings by radical Islamists, following such toxic Quranic verses, has deleterious effects on the mental health of these children and are subjected to brutal violence from childhood.

The petitioner observed that it is highly unfortunate that no government has till date bothered to study these controversial Quranic verses despite there being ample evidence of terrorist and radical groups using these quotations of Quran to mislead Muslim youths and manipulate their impressionable brains  to recruit them for terrorism. Therefore, the petition sought strict restraint on such religious teachings so that future generations can live in peace and harmony.

In effect, one can conclude that the petitioner has boldly tried to urge for a reform in Islamic studies in India by treating such highly objectionable verses of Quran as null and void so that Muslims can live peacefully with non-Muslims in India without the hateful teachings by clerics inspiring Muslims to hate idolaters and kill them.

In India we can find activists dime a dozen approaching the courts to try and undermine Hinduism in every way possible for e.g. the Supreme Court’s Constitutional bench is now pondering over whether the Sanskrit Shloka “Astoma Sadgamaya” seeking to be lead from darkness to light of knowledge should be chanted in Kendriya Vidyalaya schools because it hurts the sentiments of Muslim students and atheists! While the toxic verses of Quran set in a Medieval Age urging Muslims to convert everyone to Islam by the fear of the sword are simply white washed  by the same activists as very holy words meant for the enlightenment of the world.

It is high time the authorities of non-Islamic civilized nations take cognizance of these toxic teachings and ban them. French President Emmanuel Macron has brought a slew of reforms in Islamic seminaries in France and has banned Mosques and clergymen from preaching such controversial Islamic rules of Quran and Hadiths. India should follow suit and consider these reforms very seriously if it wants to survive as a civilized society. Hope the Judges of the Supreme Court display the same zest for reforming grossly illegal Islamic practices as they show to decide how much water should be poured on the Jyotirling in the Mahakaleshwar Mandir in Ujjain!  

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