Saw the news about pro-Khalistan group , Sikhs for Justice ready to give 1 million USD to anyone who can stop Modi Ji from unfirling Tiranga on 15 august . BRAVE.

So here si my counter offer . I offer 100 Billion USD to anyone , any PROUD SIKH , PROUD KHALISTANI, We sikhs saved your Hindus from Mughals blah blah , one if they can take back control of ALL GURUDWARAS in afghanistan.

We recently saw the news how one highly revered Gurudwara was desecreated by Muslim Taliban in Afghanistan. So all BRAVE Sikhs should first go and avenge that derogatory act , which is so shameful.

Seriously , I saw NO tweets, no outrage, no threat to Muslim Taliban against this vile act, but yeah let’s show out peanut size balls to Hindus and Modi who have never harmed any Sikh .

Common ; let’s see who brave the Sikhs are . Strange all bravery only comes against Hindus who have never harmed Sikhs (Gandhis and their chamchas who did 84 were half Italian and slaves of Italians ). We are watching .

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