This last great Maharana of Mewar destroyed Aurangzeb’s army twice and arrested him once. Aurangzeb left Rajasthan forever after his defeat.

The Vaishnava Teertha of Nathdwara which draws millions of devotees from all over world and billions of rupees in Chadhawa every year stands because of him .
It so happened that in 1669 AD, Aurangzeb ordered destruction of all Vaishnava temples.

The priests of Govardhan carried the Moorti of Sri Nath ji to Rajasthan and approached Raj Singh who rose from his seat and roared “ Till one Lakh Rajputs of mine are not beheaded, Aurangzeb can not touch Sri ji .”

Raj Singh ordered and paid for the construction of the magnificent temple at village Sihad, now called Nathdwara.

Aurangzeb attacked Nathdwara with a huge army. Raj Singh sought help from Kota and Rathores of Jodhpur. Both consented to help.

The battle was fought near Sihad and on the first day Mewar suffered heavily because Rathores were delayed by one day.

Next day, Rathore cavalry arrived. Along with Sisodiyas and Jhala Rajputs, and all warriors of Mewar, they jointly slaughtered Mughals who never returned to attack Sri ji.

Raj Singh ji was poisoned by traitors on the instructions of Aurangzeb in 1680 AD.

This is the picture of the Samadhi of one of the greatest sons of Hinduism near Kumbhalgarh, in Odha , Parmaron ki Bhagal.

In more grateful societies, there would be a temple of Raj Singh ji besides the temple of Nathdwara. But we are deracinated, ungrateful, self serving , myopic Hindus . We only deserve to be treated like junk by the rest of the world .

There is not even one poster in Nathdwara to depict this story and this is the state of his Chatri.

I have wept enough on seeing this state of his Chatri. I have decided to renovate this place from where Raj Singh ascended to his Moksha, whatever it costs.

Title image credit : The Indian Portrait

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