After mother’s milk, it’s only the cow’s milk which gives energy & full protection.• 100 gms of cow’s milk contains,Phosphorous 0.93 gmCalcium 1.20 gmIron 0.002gmincluding vanadium, chromium, tin, aluminum, abhrak and sisa.• It has 25 types of minerals in which calcium and phosphorous helps in making bones and brain, iron maintains the redness in blood, iodine brings the required energy and coolness in our body.• It contains proteins 3.3%, fat 3.6%, sugar 4.9% and kshar 7.75%. We can divide protein in 3 parts- albumin, kesin, lastogelobumen which are very essential for human body.• It contains calcium, vitamins A, B, C, D, E & minerals, proteins, phosphorus, iron, balanced amino acids which increases the life force, intellect, eyesight, and cures many incurable diseases too.• Thus cow’s milk is nectar for humans. – Charak Sanhita

Comparison between Cow milk and other milk.• Its because of SuryaKetu vein only found in Indian cows, milk is yellow which is the nectar for human beings whereas it is not so in other animal’s milk.• Cow milk contains balanced proportion of Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, along with the carotene which is essential for human growth whereas it is not proportionate in buffaloes’ milk.• From all the available proteins of the world the proteins of cow’s milk are the best as it contains balanced amino acids which are not found in any other animal’s milk.• Moreover Cow’s milk is good for mind, easily digestible, includes gold, life force, increases immunity which is not so in other cases.

Why Only Cow’s Milk?• Cow’s milk is complete diet. One pound of cow’s milk is more than 4 eggs and 250gms flesh.• Buffaloes’ milk is more fatty and indigestible where as cow’s milk is easily digestible.• Contains the best protein which is essential for the development and wear and tear of body. 97% protein is used by our digestive system.

Why only Cow’s milk?• Because of the following it is the best:• 21 types of amino acids11 fatty acids06 vitamins25 minerals02 sugar04 phosphorous19 nitrogen01calcium,iron, copper, iodine, florin, silicon.• Enzymes pervatise, ritactade, lipex, protae, lactage, fostage, olinage, gatalae etc.• Vit A, carotene D-E, tokokeroge, vit B-1, B2, Rivoflavin, B3, B4 and vit C.• Cow’s milk is tonic acco to ayurveda best for foestus and lactating mothers, weak patients.

Why only Cow’s milk?• Dr. Peoples said even if cow eats poison it doesn’t affect its milk as it has a tremendous power of digesting poison too• By Nature cow is very sensitive, hardworking and alert, whereas Buffaloes are lazy, slow and insensitive.• Cow’s milk is the best for physical, mental, and spiritual development whereas buffaloes is not so.

Benefits of Yoghurt• milk can kill 5 roganu whereas its no. increases 100% in the yoghurt. Because of this quality curd is much better than milk.• Curd is tridoshnashak, easily digestible, cleans the intestines, increases the taste, removes fatigue, increases energy, sperms and flesh in the body, thus rejuvenating and increasing the life span.
Benefits of Ghee• Cow Ghee moisturizes whole body from inside out, rejuvenarator, keeps the skin young, helps in smooth functioning of all body parts• It has kraminashak gun, easily digested and energy booster; because of these qualities it is incomparable.• 80 types of T.B diseases got cured in Jabalpur T.B Sanatorium by doing daily agnihotra with cow Ghee (yagyopathy, aromapathy).
Benefits of Cow Urine• Cow urine has wonderful properties. It is used in purification of many strong poisons, sub poisons, metals, and sub metals, ras, maharas, and astrologist stones. Poisonous materials become poison less within 3 to 7 days if purified with it according to the Indian method.• According to Vedic tradition cow urine enhances holiness and purity when spread in courtyard and home.• It also purifies human body from inside out by removing all toxins thus curing many diseases such as diabetes, BP, obesity, eyesight etc.• Also used as sprays for pest control both in houses as well as for agriculture.
Benefits of Cow Dung• Cow dung used as fertilizer thru napped method is 4 times more effective ie utilization of cow dung is 120% .• Instead of cow dung as fuel if we use coal or wood then we need 6,80,000 tones of wood which costs billions of Rupees, which in turn will pollute the atmosphere as well as cutting of trees , so better to use cow dung as fuel which purifies the atmosphere as well as helps in environment protection.• Soap of Cow Dung helps in skin diseases, wounds, cuts etc.
Benefits of Panchgavya• Cow’s milk+curd+ghee+urine+dung=Panchgavya.• Panchgavya can be easily used in curing 108 diseases.“gavyam pavitram ca rasayanam ca pathyam ca hrdyam balam buddhi syataaayuh pradam rakt vikar hari tridosh hridrog vishapaham syata”Cow urine panchgavya is great elixir,proper diet, pleasing to heart,giver of mental and physical strength, enhances longevity, balances bile, mucous and airs. Remover of heart diseases and effect of poison.

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