At the Congress party office located in Vijayapura in Karnataka the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) went up to put posters of Veer Savarkar there. Overnight, the posters were placed on the walls of the Congress regional office in Vijaypura. The police eventually took down the posters in response to a protest done by Congress officials against the incident.

The BJP district youth president, Basavaraj Hoogara, agreed placing Veer Savarkar posters on the walls of the Congress headquarters. He said “Our workers and I did it. There is no doubt about that. In Hubli, Congress workers burnt the photos of Savarkar. We should talk about that. Congress is stirring up issues again and again.Putting up posters is not worse than burning them as they did. Congress is trying to use Savarkar for their publicity. Respect him, read about his history,”.

It needs to be noted that this incident happiness few days after a group of Muslim teenagers tore down the flex banner bearing the image of Veer Savarkar which led to the eruption of communal on Monday, August 15 after which Karnataka Police issued prohibitory orders in the state’s Shivamogga district. The Muslim youngsters attempted to replace Savarkar’s poster, which had been displayed in honour of Independence Day, with one of the Islamic despot Tipu Sultan. The incident took place in the Shivamogga district of Karnataka at the Ameer Ahmed circle.



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