An Islamic State (IS) terrorist who has been grabbed by Russia, stated in a video that he was planning to take revenge from India by carrying out an attack for “insulting the Prophet.” The suicide bomber admitted in a video released by the CSO of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) that he was planning to take revenge from India. The terrorist is a native of a country in the Central Asian region and intended to attack “one of the representatives of India’s ruling circles.” The accused was in Turkey between April to June, where one of IS’s leaders recruited him to be a suicide bomber. They processed it remotely on Telegram and at personal meetings in Istanbul.

It is also found that the arrested terrorist was recruited by one of the ISIS leaders as a suicide bomber in Turkey. Russian authorities have also released a short video of him. The Terrorist in the video can be seen saying “In 2022, I flew to Russia from where I was supposed to leave for India. In India, they had to meet me and give me all the necessary things to commit a terrorist attack on the orders of the Islamic State for insulting the Prophet Muhammad, I was supposed to be given things there to commit a terrorist attack at the behest of the IS for insulting the Prophet Muhammad,”.

The FSB in its statement said “The Federal Security Service has identified and apprehended in Russia a member of the Islamic State international terrorist organisation. The detainee is a native of a Central Asian country, who planned to commit a terrorist attack against a member of India’s ruling circles by blowing himself up,”. The FSB also noted that the suicide bomber swore allegiance to the IS Emir (chief), after which he was instructed to leave for Russia, draw up the necessary documents and fly to India to commit act of terrorism.

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